Ary Lobo – Poeira de Ritmos (1963)

ary lobo

Ary Lobo
Poeira de Ritmos (1963)
RCA Victor LP – BBL 1236
Reissue on Coleção “Essential Classics” (BMG, 2004)

O forrozeiro de raiz Ary Lobo (1930-1980) nos mostra em seu sexto LP na RCA, de 1963, um caldeirão de ritmos nordestinos. Alguns bons para dançar juntinho num baile de forró (Coco da Juliana ou A cigana mentiu) ou numa boa quadrilha junina (Mané Cazuza). – Rodrigo Faour

A true representative of the genuine forró, ARY LOBO (1930-1980) shows on his 6th LP under RCA, originally released in 1963, a real “melting pot” of Brazilian rhythms. There are tracks meant to bring couples dancing close together (“Coco da Juliana” or “A cigana mentiu”) as well as a good old Brazilian-style “square dance” (quadirlha) (the track “Mané Cazuza”). – Rodrigo Faour

1. Quem encosta em Deus não cai
2. Mané Cazuza
3. Vítimas do Nordeste
4. Faca de ponta
5. A cigana mentiu
6. Cento e vinte
7. História de um órfão
8. Patrulha da cidade
9. História do Jeová
10. Coco da Juliana
11. Aqui vou bem
12. Escada da glória

Reissue produced by Charles Gavin
Remastered by Jade Pereira and Carlos Freitas at Classic Master, SP

Although I would recommend you start with his other album that I posted here simply because it grabs you immediately, this is also a very fine album. It starts out with a ballad, which seems an odd choice – the beautiful prayer-like “Quem encosta em Deus não cai) from João do Vale, Ary Monteiro, and J.Ferreira. Rodrigo Faour neglects to mention in his blurb that the record also contains a good ‘frevo’ song (a style specific to the city of Recife), in “Vitimas do nordeste.” Another highlight is yet another religious catechism in “História de Jeová,” as well as the inclusion of an Adoniram Barbosa song, “Escada de Glória.” Unfortunately, Ary Lobo himself does not contribute any compositions of his own on this album, but there is a lot that was composed specifically for this album by various permutations of the composers who were working with him. I quite like the sound of these RCA/Victor reissues. And its not like I have any choice — finding these as original vinyl pressings would cost more than I have to spend, and any reissues around would be on the RCA-flexi-disc style pressings that I personally don’t care for.

in 320 kbs emi pé tré

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  2. If Charles Gavin is behind this, then I'm sure it's nice.

  3. I can't tell if you are being serious, J.Thyme. 😉 Charles Gavin is probably 'behind' about 80% of all music being reissued in Brazil, he's ubiquitous. He's done a lot for bringing out-of-print quality music back into circulation, but personally I find his mastering of albums to be reflective of the kinds of tinnitus that drummers in rock bands often suffer from.. Thankfully he is in his role as 'executive producer' and supervisor of the whole project on most of these RCA/Victor reissues. The mastering was done at Classic Master by Jade Perreira and Carlos Freitas

  4. I am serious about my praise of Charles Gavin. He has excellent taste & his picks are highly informative regarding classic MPB. I guess, the remastering part of the equation is another thing altogether. I've found that the Japanese reissues are always very nicely handled, but are quite expensive once they leave Japan. So look for those when you can find them.

  5. haha, that's funny. since its a megaupload link, i can't hear it for myself, but i'm guessing the sound is pretty skewed toward the treble end? poor pete townsend, i remember his descriptions of tinnitus from some RS interviews back in the 1990, i guess it was. not that his attitude at the time wasn't pretty bad, but nobody ever thinks that stuff will happen to them…

  6. Tá sem link? :/

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