Clara Nunes – Fantástico (2008)


Clara Nunes

Os Musicais do Fantástico das décadas de 70 e 80
Released 2008 Globo – EMI
Approximately 65 minutes

This is an hour-long collection of ‘videoclipes’ from Clara Nunes as shown on the show Fantástico (still on the air) across the peak years of her career. None of these clips are actual live performances, but rather lip-sync’d and mimed for the cameras, so like a lot of analogous programs elsewhere (Beat Club, some of the Old Grey Whistle Test clips) these were like a precursor to today’s “music video.” In this case we get Clara’s resplendent aura and beauty, her afrobrazilian celebration of religiosity, and some pretty amazing clips shot outdoors celebrating the other natural wonders of Brazil aside from Clara herself. There are also a few ‘guest’ appears from the likes of Sivuca and a rather bewildered-looking Adironan Barbosa. Although I am still holding out for some live footage of the great Clara Nunes to surface, this is a fine collection and well worth watching (even if you only watch it once and then file it away for your next cocktail party).



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  1. Thanks a lot buddy!

    cheers from velani (what).

  2. thank you for this wonderful posting. but i don't see no password in a comment… thanks for adding it. belle

  3. sheesh, barely had time 😉


  4. that was fast… :-))

  5. Before anyone mentions it, let me be the first — Parts 2 and 3 were pointed to the same link. That`s been fixed now. Those of you having any weird problems need to grab the Link #3 again. Sorry for the mix up.

    remember, all files must be located in the same place for your RAR program to unpack them correctly

  6. ALSO… It looks as if you may have to rename the files, at least parts 2 through 4. Let that be a lesson to me — do not rename RAR files after the fact or the program can't find them. Seems pretty obvious now.

    The program will prompt you for the name it is looking for, so if you are clever and patient it isn't actually hard to feed the info into the appropriate place and make it all work.

    That being said, I will see if I can get a fix up later today.

  7. Wow, what a treat! DL'ing and will certainly get back to you once I've had a look.

  8. Darn! This AVI will not open with Quicktime. Any ideas how I can play this?

  9. Justin, I use VLC media which literally plays *everything*. It's open-source, and cross-platform, and remarkably user-friendly and customizable.

    Do you have an AVI or an MKV file from me? I seem to have both sitting here in front of me and I am not sure which is actually in the link… You'll have to bear with me, this video stuff is a new feature of Flabbergasted Vibes and I'm still getting used to it 😉

  10. Well I finally found a player. The VLC player for Mac. My fav is Clare in duet with Sivuca. Great look at that player.

  11. Onde estão os links???

  12. Yes please, where are the links?

  13. where is the download link?

    • This post is old and mostly dead. If you were a regular reader and a little more polite and less demanding, I might get around to fixing it soon.

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