Tim Maia – A Festa do Santo Reis (1971)


I have no time for real blog post today. But it is Three Kings Day, Os Três Reis Magos, and I have been working on getting this Tim Maia album edited to post here. This is of course the huge hit off it, and on my well-played vinyl copy it is obvious that it got played a lot more than the rest of the album! Hopefully I will have the final restoration and editing all done by the weekend, but here is a teaser and a timely holiday one.

“A Festa do Santo Reis” by Tim Maia, from TIM MAIA (1971)
Composed by Márcio Leonardo

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  1. I would love this album!

    cheers from velani!

  2. Man, we need this album!!!
    we really really nead!!

    abs luiz

  3. Só faltou o link

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