João Nogueira – MPB Especial (1975)


João Nogueira

MPB Especial

May 3, 1975

Eduardo Gudin – violão / acoustic guitar

João Nogueira – vocal

Produced by J.C. Botezelli

01 – E lá Vou Eu (João Nogueira, Paulo César Pinheiro)

02 – Batendo a Porta (João Nogueira, Paulo César Pinheiro)

03 – Cigana (Romualdo Peixoto, Paulo Roberto)

04 – Mãe Solteira (Wilson Baptista, Jorge de Castro)

05 – Menina Moça (Luis Aontônio)

06 – Neuza (Zinco, Caxambu)

07 – A Timidez Me Devora (Jorginho, Walter Rosa)

08 – Cuidado com a Outra (Nelson Cavaquinho, Augusto Thomas)

09 – Mulher Valente é Minha Mãe (João Nogueira)

10 – Homem de Um Braço Só (João Nogueira)

11 – Meu Lema (João Nogueira, Gisa Nogueira)

12 – Beto Navalha (João Nogueira)

13 – Do Jeito que Rei Mandou (João Nogueira, Zé Catimba)

14 – Das 200 pra lá (João Nogueira)

Yet another marvel in the collection of television program MPB Especial, a truly precious legacy left by Fernando Faro. The subject is João Nogueiro (1941-2000), the ultimate ‘sambsitas das calçadas’ and one smooth cat. And this recording is in very nice audio quality, and with the unadorned intimacy of just vocal and guitar (courtesy of house musician Eduardo Gudin). João runs through a bunch of his own material, including of course his important writing partnership with Paulo César Pinheiro , Zé Catimba, and his sister Gisa. He also treats us to some interpretations of sambistas who were important to him like Nelson Cavaquinho (‘the father of us all’) in “Cuidado com o outro” and Wilson Batista “Mãe Solteira.” He ends the set with one of his most successful songs, “Das 200 pra lá” that was even rerecorded by a singer in Venezuela, which João only found out about via a letter, from his publisher presumably… The letter arrived, but the money still hadn’t…

According to legend a journalist once asked João Nogueira how his voice came to have such a deep and characteristically unique tone. His response: “As much beer and cigarettes as I feel like…”

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