Marcos Valle – Previsão do Tempo (1973)


Marcos Valle
1973 on Odeon (SMOFB 3788)
2011 Reissue in box Marcos Valle Tudo1 Flamengo até morrer
(Paulo Sergio Valle, Marcos Valle)
2 Nem paletó, nem gravata
(Paulo Sergio Valle, Marcos Valle)
3 Tira a mão
(Paulo Sergio Valle, Marcos Valle)
4 Mentira
(Paulo Sergio Valle, Marcos Valle)
5 Previsão do tempo
(Marcos Valle)
6 Mais do que valsa
(Paulo Sergio Valle, Marcos Valle)
7 Os ossos do barão
(Paulo Sergio Valle, Marcos Valle)
8 Não tem nada não
(Eumir Deodato, Marcos Valle, João Donato)
9 Não tem nada não
(Eumir Deodato, Marcos Valle, João Donato)
10 Samba fatal
(Paulo Sergio Valle, Marcos Valle)
11 Tiu-ba-la-quieba
(Paulo Sergio Valle, Marcos Valle)
12 De repente, moça flor
(Paulo Sergio Valle, Marcos Valle)

Marcos Valle – vocals, Fender Rhodes, acoustic guitar, orchestrations on tracks 1 & 10

José Roberto Bertrami, Arp Strings, Hammond, synthesizers and orchestrations on 1, 6, 8, 9, 11 & 12
Alex Malheiros – bass
Ivan Conti (Mamão) – drums

Participation of O Terço on tracks 1 & 10
Sérgio Hinds – electric guitar
César das Merces – bass
Vinícius Cantuária – drumsWaltel Branco – orchestration on “Os ossos do barão”

Produced by Milton Miranda
Musical director – Lindolfo Gaya
Production Assistant – Paulo Sérgio Valle
Technical director – Z.J. Merky
Recording technicians – Nivaldo Duarte, Toninho, Dacy
Remix engineer – Jorge Teixeira

Photos – Paulo Sérgio Valle
Layout – Joel Cocchiararo

Remastered in 2011 by Ricardo Garcia at Magic Master Studio, RJ

My apologies for the long delay in getting this post up and out, but I think this album is probably worth the wait. ‘Previsão do Tempo’ (or “Weather Report” in English) is most certainly a career highlight for Marcos Valle and one of his best of the decade. Retaining some of the dreaminess of ‘Vento Sul’ (and some of the musicians from O Terço on a few tracks), whereas that album is dreamy-sedated-sprawling-spaced-out, this one is leaner, focused, funkier, but still grooving with the same bohemian vibe that permeates all that is The Brothers Valle at this point. The album opens with a musical tribute to the Flamengo football club. Kinda boring really. I find songs about sports fucking boring, sorry. But at least it gives us the tip that the tone of this album is a little ‘lighter’ than the last. Oddly enough it’s a fairly straight MPB-style samba as played by O Terço in 1973, whose other song on the album, “Samba fatal” is a hell of a lot darker and heavier. For the rest of the album Valle has Azymuth as his backing band. And it is an analog keyboard lover’s geekfest galore from this point out. Production is incredible. ‘Nem paléto nem gravatá’ is their celebration of adamant nonconformity, a hippie shout of “hell no!”, seeing as in 1973 everyone else but them were all wearing suits and ties.*

The song ‘Mentira’ teaches you the proper way to pronounce the word ‘mentira’ to a carioca. If you say it any other way, such as how the remaining 97% of Brazil pronounces the word, you will be invariably corrected by an American who has never been outside of Rio or treated like backward outside / off-worlder by a native resident of the city. Oh, and this tune was a huge hit in the European discos, as Marcos tells us in his introductory note.

They are able to follow this slab of funk with gorgeously delicate ballads like the instrumental title song, “Mais do que valsa,” and “De repente, moça flor”. While sill maintaining a texture like buttered velvet with Rhodes electric piano, analog synth gurgles, brushed drums, and blue-eyed soulsearching vocals. “Os ossos de barão”, an ode to the material world where all is for sale. And the two part “Não tem nada não” is actually just one tune with a false fade-out and an outro, but is divided here into separate tracks. Pan-Latin fusion post-bossa funk. Some of Paulo’s less interesting lyrics but I feel like he was writing more for the sound of the words and fitting them into the lockstep groove of the band than trying for profundity. The aforementioned “Samba fatal”, aptly named for its gravity, is timed well in the sequence. Not sure if these tracks with O Terço were a continuation of and/or outtakes from the Vento Sul sessions (neither Valle nor Gavin give us actual recording dates in otherwise pretty thorough info), but the two tunes with them do not sound to my ears like throw aways. Most likely they were recorded after they had been touring together and Marcos had a few songs he’d been working on during rehearsals. Its ominous minor-chord changes, organ, and fuzzy-braincell guitar (mixed just perfectly in the right channel) compliments some of Paulo’s best lyrics on the album.


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  2. Thank you, I think I love you.

    The keyboards are indeed formidable and scrumptious; my god, they don't make 'um like this any more. This is one of my favourite LPs; I can't wait to hear the bonus tracks.

    Marcus Valle is a man who never seems to age. I saw him at the Barbican concert (50 years of Bossa Nova) and I swear he looked pretty much the same as he did in the '60's. He rocked the Rhodes that night like a young one.

    Best wishes,


  3. Thanks Molly and you are a lucky woman to have seen him at the Barbican! I forgot to mention, however — this one has no bonus tracks, nor does the next (and final) disc on the box. Kind of a bummer.

  4. was also at the Barbican for that gig and can attest to the man's Dorian Gray image. Easily the highlight of the evening!

  5. Thank you very much !!
    Another album with great tracks from Marcos Valle, I didn't know about this one and I am really happy to discover it here 🙂

    Keep up your goood work !

  6. Thanks for this, can't get enough of this album!
    I treasure my vinyl copy of this beauty, but i've been curious what you have to say about this album.
    Hoping that you will shed some light on one of my fav songs here, Tiu-ba-la-Quieba, which i find irresistible. Although i do understand a little bit of portugese, i have no idea what the song's all about.

  7. Thanks again for your generosity with this set. We are awaiting one last disc?

  8. this album is simply stunning. Has long been a favorite and tracks from it have frequently ended up in set lists and mixes. THank you so much!

  9. Absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much!

  10. Love this album to bits and astounded to discover that I've been listening to it at 192kb all this time 🙂 Thanks as always Flabbergast!

  11. Woow otro album a la altura del Garra! Que puedo decir! la instrumentación de Azymuth y los arreglos Deodato y Donato son lo que le dan ese toque funky delicioso, todavia no salgo del asombro!
    Solo espero el ultimo del boxset! Gracias de nuevo Flabber por este maravilloso album de Marcos!

  12. Flabber, a welcome review to an album that i rate VERY high. The killer hat-trick of "nem paleto nem gravata" "tira a mao" "and "mentira" is so catchy and groovy that had my 6 & 9 year old boys asking for more, and rightfully so (same i told to MV when i caught up with him before a date here in Bologna). Only, a small correction. "Flamengo atè morrer" is NOT actually a celebration (MV is dyed-in-the-wool Botafogo , and so are his kids :)) of that very club. it's got more to do with addressing politicians who vellicate the "panis et circenses" side of people to win them over. It's all very subtle and even Flamengo fans too have taken to this song as kind of an anthem. But it's not.
    "O botafoguense Marcos Valle, em entrevista concedida a Ricardo Schott em 2006,
    esclareceu o espírito verdadeiro da canção, cujo objetivo era de fato ironizar e atacar
    algumas atitudes do governo brasileiro". Alexei Figueiredo Michailowsky, 2008

    Keep up the job

  13. hey Bluetone, thanks so much for that clarification and wonderful comment. I admit that all often my eyes just glaze over during futebol-related songs and I really should have given Marcos e Paulo Sérgio more credit and listened more closely.

    Did you get that quote from this masters dissertation – "Da bossa nova ao pop: transformações na obra de Marcos Valle 1968 – 1974", or from an article he published

  14. Flabber
    i never tire out of scouring through your blog:
    well-written, well-researched and every other positive combination of well- that i can think of. Right chance to give you props.

    Yeah, the source is Alex's dissertation. Labour of love if i've ever seen one

    Bless you

  15. Hi Flabbergasted,
    Very grateful to find your rich, well-written space for Brazilian & Jazz treasures.
    I wanted to experience what I've heard is this great vintage Valle release. The links seem to be blocked, going to multiupload site. The address just freezes in the browser address window.
    Doesn't matter which browser is used.
    May I ask, is this something you are aware of? Have you stopped access…or is the storage site blocking access?

    Thanks for your great writing & effort, I'll surely be back, if only for research reading.
    best, mitchell

  16. thanks Mitchell. Multiupload seems to have bit the dust along with some of the other big servers that went down in storm of controversy recently. I am working on fixing the links starting with the FLAC filesets.

    Thanks for the kind words, check back in the next couple of days for this.

  17. Thank you very much.

  18. Thank you very much.

  19. thank youuuu !

  20. all links are broken ): I really wanted this album in FLAC

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  22. where is the link?

  23. links are down unfortunately. a re-up would be fantastic. thanks

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