VA – Rubber Soul Clap, Volume 1 (2010)



Various Artists – Rubber Soul Clap, Volume 1
Private pressing 2010
Flabbergasted Vibes Special Products (FBV-01)

This fun little compilation was something I had put together as a holiday gift for a friend last year, with promises to put together a second volume that is still unfinished. The idea should be pretty obvious – exploring the long arm of influence of the fabulous foursome into the furthest reaches of funkiness. They shall be named in the interest of this blog surviving a little longer, nor shall any song titles be listed here other than in the back cover art above. Some of the selections are well-known, even over-played, others much less so. Lots of cool stuff here, but I think The Crusaders probably steal the show. I hope you enjoy it, and – who knows? – maybe Volume 2 will see the light of day before year’s end…

in 320 em pee three


for complete liner notes and rare photos send a SASE to my PO Box in the Kayman Islands and a cashier’s check for $200.

password in comments

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  1. password:


  2. Awesome thank you! <3

  3. Really cool stuff, I love Donny Hathaway's cover of "Jealous Guy". Looking forward to part 2 when it eventually arrives. Cheers.

  4. Ola Flabbergast,

    Nice compil of BeatleSoul, and on my birthday too. Still, I love your site first & foremost for the wonderful Brazilian Sounds & Stories that you post. A propos Musica Brasileira: would you know who is the (female) singer of (Anibal Alves de Almeida's) Chorando Sim? The song is featured in Philippe de Broca's action-comedy That Man From Rio (1964), with the rest of the score by Georges Delerue. Your help would be appreciated!

    Keep up the great work. Grs Barry

  5. Hi, Nice work here all around and greatly appreciated. Can you re-up this please? would love to listen to it. Thanks 🙂

  6. Nice work all around and greatly appreciated 🙂 Can you re-up this post. I look forward to listening!!!

  7. oh snap…was there really a lossless version. 'cos that would be kewel.

  8. Yeah, there was. I still have the master files, just need to find them. I really need to get this back online. Also the planned "Volume 2"… Maybe before Xmas!

  9. "Volume 2" would be fantastic.

    I am enjoying the mp3's very much. Thank you. Some stuff I can play for my lady, too. Wink-wink.

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