Roy Ayers Ubiquity – He's Coming (1972) Verve 2009


Roy Ayers Ubiquity
Released 1972 (Polydor PD 5022)

1 He’s A Superstar 5:35
2 He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Brother 4:04
3 Ain’t Got Time 2:53
4 I Don’t Know How To Love Him 4:02
5 He’s Coming 6:20
6 We Live In Brooklyn Baby 3:43
7 Sweet Butterfly Of Love / Sweet Tears 5:20
9 Fire Weaver 3:40

Arranged By – Harry Whitaker, Roy Ayers
Backing Vocals – Carol Smiley, Gloria Jones, Victoria Hospedale
Bass – John Williams (8) (tracks: 1 to 5, 7 to 9), Ron Carter (tracks: 6)
Congas – Jumma Santos
Drums – David Lee, Jr.
Drums, Percussion – Billy Cobham
Electric Piano, Organ, Vocals – Harry Whitaker
Guitar – Bob Fusco (tracks: 6), Sam Brown (2) (tracks: 1 to 5, 7 to 9)
Soprano Saxophone, Flute – Sonny Fortune
Strings – Selwart Clarke
Vibraphone, Organ, Vocals – Roy Ayers

Producer – Ed Kolis (tracks: 6), Myrnaleah Williams
Engineer – Rudy Van Gelder

This is probably the least ubiquitous of the Roy Ayers Ubiquity albums. Much raw than later efforts, and pretty trippy with a Jesus-freak vibe saturating a lot of the tunes It’s not really a concept album, though, but almost. It includes a cover of a tune from Jesus Christ Superstar (“I Don’t Know How To Love Him”) and the famous Hollies tune “He’s Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother,” which has been covered by seemingly everyone since it was first recorded, including Cher the year before Ayers. But Donny Hathaway also recorded in 1971, and I’d like to think Roy and Co. were listening to Donny and not Cher when they thought of this arrangement. Keyboardist Harry Whitaker also arranges two songs, including his own “We Live In Brooklyn Baby” which is the strongest, leanest, and song on the album.

And oh yeah, Billy Cobham is pounding the skins on this album. He is playing in stealth mode, however, almost hard to believe he had just joined up with the bombastic Mahavishnu Orchestra or that his own over-the-top ‘Spectrum’ was in the works. Here, he behaves himself. The whole records alternating frantic-mellow dynamic is a welcome holiday-season elixir, and the title track features dueling-keyboard work from Whitaker and Ayers that is undelicately precious.

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  2. Nice post this one does sound better. Excuse me for asking, you already give so much as it is, but would you happen to have any more Gilberto Gil in FLAC or Tim maia racional 2 FLAC? Thanks man.

  3. I have the recent Editora Abril reissue of Racional 2 that I could share. re: Gil, he's a bit high profile and I am a bit reluctant to put his stuff here for that reason, but I've been thinking of sharing a vinyl rip of 'Refazenda' or maybe a couple of the non-remastered compact discuses. Anything in particular you're looking for?

  4. Cool!…Ya I'm looking for Expresso 2222 and his self titled albums in best quality available. I can't seem to find them anywhere online in FLAC. Your right though it can get a bit scary to post when the artist is higher profile.

  5. Thanks,Just checking my collection and amazed that I don't have this.

  6. Nice! Generally speaking, I'm not a big fan of RA's Pop-Jazz-Funk albums, but this one not only sounds great but is also a pleasure to listen to. Thanks!

  7. wow great drop Flabbergast! MIL thanks for this outstanding ish, love all Roys. btw, are you aware that your site is on googles malicious software list, i get the warning screen whenever i pull it up!

  8. hey Frank, that `malicious software` thing showed up for me just a week ago or so, and I haven't been able to replicate it. Can you tell me any details you have, such as is there something *particular* that it claims is malicious?? I am thinking it might be one of the little sidebar gadgets I've got in the margins — haven't changed those in well over a year, so if one of them is 'malicious' now it's news to me.

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  11. E ai, tudo tranquilo? queria saber se voce pode colocar outro link para baixar esse disco, não consegui achar ele em nenhum outro lugar.

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