Trio Mocotó – Trio Mocotó (1973)


Trio Mocotó
Released 1973 on RGE

Fritz Escovão (Luís Carlos de Souza)- cuíca and vocals), Nereu Gargalo (Nereu São José)- pandeiro and vocals) e João Paraíba (João Carlos Fagundes Gomes) drums and vocals

with Amilson Godoi (piano), Olmir Stocker (guitar), Itiberê (bass), and Bira (percussion)

Arrangements and orchestration by Rogérgio Duprat, Sérgio Carvalho, João Carlos Pegoraro, Waldemiro Lemke

01. Desapareça, Vá, Desapareça
02. Nó na Garganta
03. Vem Cá, Meu Bem, Vem Cá
04. Recordar
05. Não Vá embora
06. Desculpe

07. Maior é Deus
08. Samba da Preguiça
09. Palomares
10. Swinga Sambaby
11. Tô Por Fora da Jogada
12. Gotas da Chuva na Minha Boca

Feeling hungry? Help yourself to a steaming plate of mocotó. Trio Mocotó to be precise. These guys are more famous for being the percussion section underpinning some of Jorge Ben’s greatest records than they are for their own material. And it’s easy to understand that – as good as this album is, their original tunes are rather lackluster and their flat, boring vocals would have made them very popular with the hipster crowd in present-day Olinda or Recife. Which is my way of saying that their vocals are bloody awful and rather irritating (with the exception of Não Vá Embora and Palomares). Trio Mocotó excels at creating a groove, but without a musically-charismatic frontman like Jorge Ben to lead them, their stuff can feel a little uninspired. But this is still essential listening for anyone interested in the samba-soul, samba-rock scene of the mid-70s and has some wonderful moments. As you can see from the album credits, there were a TON of arrangers working on this album; Unfortunately their credits are not specified as to which songs were arranged by whom, but I am willing to guess that Rogério Duprat arranged “Nó na garganta” and possibly “Palomares.” The latter tune is easily the high point of the record — Once you make it through the chord changes of the first verse, you may say to yourself, “boy these guys really took a page from the Jorge Ben textbook of songwriting”, until you look at the album credits and see that it IS actually a Jorge Ben song. Kind of a throwaway tune, as he had songs to spare. He would end up recording it himself sometime in the 90s. Get this album just for this tune, if nothing else, and you will find the rest of the songs growing on you after a while. Other strong cuts here ‘Maior é Deus’ (NOT the Paulo César Pinheiro tune, by the way), the mellow sentimentality of ‘Recordar’, and Ben-like “Swinga Sambaby”, and the propulsive opener, ‘Desapareça’, which features nice Hammond B3 as well as an uncredited saxophone solo. It’s a very short solo, perhaps they just grabbed a sax player from the corridor of the recording studio and asked him to play a few bars and forgot to ask his name when they payed him.. If you are like me and find Burt Bacharach-Hal David songs to be cloying potential suicide-triggers, don’t even THINK about listening to the final song, the ridiculous closer “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Cuica.”

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  4. Your right it just isn't the same without Jorge. Thanks for the upload though, there's still some tight grooves on this thing that got me bobbin my head. You have an email i can reach you at by any chance man?

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    • Sympathize with your rant about expectations, parasites & pimps. Thought I'd let you know there are a few people out there who dig what you do and have learned a thing or two from your music and commentary. If you go, go in peace.

  6. Thanks! Lossless, at last… Kind regards from Berlin

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    Muito obrigado pelas postagens. Sou um grande fã de jorge ben.


  8. sou não Omar, sou americano, mas com alma brasileira 😉

  9. Q' buen disco y en lossless al fin! Maravilha! lo habia escuchado desde hace años pero esta edición digital suena perfecta! La banda de Jorge Ben en Força Bruta es sin igual.
    Gracias Flabber

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  12. This comment is not especially for this post. -Came by today to steal a few minutes away from work and to see what you've posted lately. I just wanted to say that once again I find myself really enjoying the site (even though I don't download anything on this shitty aged PC); visiting made me feel better, in the middle of a day of petty distractions. So thanks for caring about this music so much, and expressing it with such intelligence and heart.

  13. Flabbergast, I always thought that you were brazilian. Do you live here in Brazil and talk portuguese? Boy, thank you very very much for this outstanding blog. I always come here to see the new posts. Greetings from Minas Gerais/Brazil.

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    Amigo, você poderia repostar este CD do Trio Mocotó? Obrigado.

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