Tim Maia – Tim Maia (1971) Ed.Abril 2011 Reissue

Released 1971 as Polydor (2451 006)
This reissue, Editora Abril / Vitória Régia 2011

1 A festa do Santo Reis (Márcio Leonardo)
2 Não quero dinheiro [Só quero amar] (Tim Maia)
3 Salve Nossa Senhora (Carlos Imperial, Eduardo Araújo)
4 Um dia eu chego lá (Tim Maia)
5 Não vou ficar (Tim Maia)
6 Broken heart (Tim Maia)
7 Você (Tim Maia)
8 Preciso aprender a ser só (Paulo Sergio Valle, Marcos Valle)
9 I don’t know what to do with myself (Hyldon, Tim Maia)
10 É por você que vivo (Rosa Maria, Tim Maia)
11 Meu país (Tim Maia)
12 I don’t care (Tim Maia)

Produced by Tim Maia and Jairo Pires


So far the Editora Abril series of Coleção Tim Maia has been kind of a huge disappointment. With no information on where they are getting their source tapes (a few of the titles I have so far, “With No One Else Around” aka “Tim Maia Canta em Inglês” from 1978, and ‘Nuvens’ from 1982 — the sound quality is akin to a lossy mp3. The reissue of Racional Vol.1 is inferior to the one released by Trama Records a few years back, although Vol.2 fares slightly better. And the booklets! It’s as if they are under some contractual obligation to produce 45-page booklets with each edition, and fill them up with useless trivia of the period like pictures of Jim Morrison. If you cut the pointless graphics and photos out of this, you would have a decent 20 page booklet.

How do I feel about this 1971 in terms of its quality as a reissue? I haven’t had it long enough to say, and up until now I have only had this one on vinyl — you can find my vinyl rip of this one HERE. So far this is probably the best-sounding of the reissues I’ve gotten my hands on, but I haven’t had time to give it a critical listen. The music is so damn happy and upbeat it would put me in a good mood if it was being played through a broken megaphone, so subjectivity is hard.

You can also read my review of the album there, as I don’t have anything else to add to it that I didn’t say the first time.



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  2. 100% agree!
    Ed. abril have done a "good" marketing. The project was ambitious, and I'm sure many many people were waiting for it. But at the end, lack of quality and the fancy strange booklet presentation (as you already said, why, a.e., prensenting Police or Black sabbath LP as a landmark record in Tim Maia's time line production?).and the lack of minimal technical information, sources, masters, etc… is "crual" for all Tim maia fans!!!

  3. I'm waiting to see photos of Abba, The Bee Gees , or Kiss in one of these booklets…

    Incidentally the production and release schedule of the entire series is all messed up. Check Ed. Abril's Twitter page to see all the messages and updates, or their webpage to see all the complaints. Basically they just seemed to have stopped producing the discs in the middle of the series, but are claiming that production will resume soon… BUT only available in select cities (Rio, São Paulo, Florianópolis I think)


  5. Are you being sarcastic or ironic? I think they sound like shit, for the most part. This one is okay. The Ed. Abril pressing of Racional is VERY INFERIOR to the one issued by the Trama label in 2005, and the original Polydor CD pressings sounded much, much, much better than these as well

  6. Where is the link

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