Assorted Reups Oct.5 – Jackson, Maysa, Fuentes, Purdie, Donato, Ben


I’ve been fixing dead links on this site piecemeal and decided to announce at least a few of the ones that have received requests.  I don’t always publish comments from people reporting dead links, because most of the time they can’t be bothered to even say ‘thanks for this post’.  Anyway here are a handful of fixed posts with more to come in the near future

Jackson do Pandeiro – Os Grandes Sucessos de …
Maysa – Maysa, Amor… e Maysa (1961)
Colombia! The Golden Age of Discos Fuentes 1960-1976
Pretty Purdie & The Playboys – Stand By Me (Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get) (1971)
João Donato – The New Sound of Brazil / Piano of João Donato (1965)
Jorge Ben – Raridades e Inéditas (2009)

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  1. THANKS FOR THIS POST!!!!! Much appreciated comme toujours.

  2. Você é o batuta! Muito obrigado!

  3. You da man!

  4. don't forget Marcos Valle 'samba demais'
    thank you

  5. hey Ric, Samba Demais should be up and running. Just forgot to include it in this announcement. I stole the 'reup' annoucement idea from my friend El Porco Roso, but I've actually been fixing these for a while now.

  6. Well, I'm guilty of of not saying thank you; or at least it's been a while since I've said thank you here. My sincere apologies. It's always a pleasure to visit your site. you have me thinking about the many times I've visited and found brilliant, evocative music. Some new, and some old with many albums bringing back the familiar wash of memories regained. Always a pleasure; always the recognition of a host with impeccable taste and understanding. Thank You wonderful tune-smith. John 'Chicago', Atlanta, Georgia, USA

  7. aw shucks, Chicago-Georgia John, now you have me feeling like I was fishing for gratitude. Perhaps I was, but really I thought I was dropping a hint for other people who aren't you. Namely the many many people who only leave comments that say "links are dead" or sometimes more politely, "links are dead, please reup?". Almost always anonymously. So for a while now I don't publish those comments, but I don't delete them either — I keep them on the "dashboard" of the interface so that when I have a chance I can go back and fix the links.

    So, anyway, it was directed at those people who might wonder why their needy comments don't get published. But I do very much appreciate your kind words and am thrilled to be your virtual host.

    Lately I've been thinking about doing a 'podcast' type thingy since I have all the equipment necessary and even a bit of radio experience. As if I don't have enough stuff on my plate.. but it might be fun. I've had a few people in the last two years ask me to be a 'guest DJ' on their online webcasts but I had to decline on account of time constraints.

  8. Please check the link for discos fuentes album.Thanks.

  9. really sorry to bother you Flabbergast with M Valle, but still not working.. C01_-_Samema63.rar says wrong CRC or wrong password.

  10. Thanks guys, both should be fixed now, try it. cheers, f.

  11. Mmmm, guess there must be a black cat hanging around, coz M Valle Samba Demais archive hasn't changed at all. Moreover, the mediafire link doesn't work (no resources available under the owner’s account). So I got it in 320k, better than nothing.. Thanx

  12. Yeah I understand, thanx for reply. Anyway it may also be related with a password problem. Are you sure of it ?

  13. Hi Flabbergast !
    Download successful, everything's fine, thanx a lot

  14. Good afternoon!

    Restore, please, these remarkable album too : Elis Regina – Como e Porque
    It is thankful in advance!

    With the best regards,
    Alexander from Russia

  15. Good afternoon!

    Restore, please, these remarkable album too : Elis Regina – Como e Porque
    It is thankful in advance!

    With the best regards,
    Alexander from Russia

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