Re-ups Pt 2 – Oct 13


Marcos Valle – Samba Demais (1963)
Gato Barbieri – Bolivia (1973)
Pinduca – Muito Pinduca (1979)
Candeia – Candeia (1970)
Elis Regina – Como E Porque (1969)
Doug Carn – Infant Eyes (1971) 

Some fixed links for the next batch of RE-UPS!
Most by request, a couple by design.  I have so much stuff to post about that isn’t here yet, but it’s good housekeeping to fix the old stuff too.  The Pinduca collection reminds me I have a bunch of his stuff on the burner along with Verequete, Aldo Sena, Antônio Vieira and other stuff.

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  1. Thank you very much!!!
    Best regards!

  2. thank you! I almost thought that Bunk questioned that guy about Doug Carn's shit…and that made me smile. Big up!

  3. I'm even not surprised to see the Wire, my favorite drama on this great great blog! Thanks again for all your greats post, I often come here to digg 🙂

  4. thank you very much for the re-up of elis regina, and all your work on this lovely blog.

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