Re-ups Part 3 – Oct 16








Enjoy some reups / fixes by Conjunto Voz do Morro, Paulinho da Viola, Karma, Sam Rivers, Jorge Ben, and Burnier e Cartier

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  1. well fuck me. MF seems to have decided to screw with me. All their links are now saying 'broken or encrypted' when I haven't done anything differently than what's been done for years.

    Guess all these will have to go on to another service.

    A lot of work for nothing.. Sorry

  2. Eu também notei isso. Parece que de uns tempos pra cá o mediafire resolveu 'pegar você por Judas'.
    Não sei por que, mas ao mesmo tempo em que eles bloqueiam os novos uploads alguns antigos de 2011 e 2010 (também com senha) continuam funcionando.
    Você já sabe o que vai fazer, flabbergast?

  3. Por enquanto, vou usar Depositfiles. Eu até abri uma nova conta, com novo email, por MF, mas claro que com o mesmo IP não é tão difícil sabe quem é. Pode ser uma problema deles e estou sendo paranóico.. ou talvez não. Vamos ver. Tudo isso comecou somente quando fiz um 'upgrade' por uma conta pagada e depois 4 dias desisti e pedi devolução do dinero porque realmente não prestava. Agora tá enchendo meu saco. Coincidência??

  4. flabber, uma question, nao sabia cade botar, entao vou botar aqui. why do you always take shit about marisa monte? i am genuinely asking, not trolling… do you think its her technique/proficiency or her role in the brazilian music world, of celebrity or what? how do you feel about roberta sá, similarly?

  5. * talk shit, not "take shit", hahaha… i think i can guess about your reasons but you have such good musical writing that i'm curious. she's kinda flashy, celebrity, right? but also, what about her work with VG da portela? she's done some good shit for the samba world, even if its the old blackness-channeled-thru-whiteness stuff, nao e?

  6. diz algo sobre Marisa nesse post? rsrs. Pois é. A resposta à sua pergunta é: All of the above.. First off, in the interest of full disclosure I will admit I have a bias against people in popular music who were trained in formal music schools. But let's put that aside for a moment. When I first heard Marisa it was with her record "Verde Anil Amarelo Cor De Rosa E Carvão" and I thought it was alright. I still think it has some good tunes on it. Her first two records I think are just truly *awful*. But she held my interest with 'Rosa e Carvão' and 'Barulhinho Bom'. Then she kind of disappeared for a while — Os Tribalistas is a terrible, over-hyped record and I would rather have a pencil jammed into my eardrums than have to listen to it. (What do I think of Carlinhos Brown? He's not even worth talking about IMO…)

    I was actually in Rio when she released two albums on the same day, Infinito Particular and Universo ao Meu Redor.. The first of these I simply don't like, I think it's really weak. "Universo" I enjoyed well enough at the time and I still own it, although it never gets played. I went to see her perform, at this awful place in Barra de Tijuca. And I will tell you this — it was seeing her perform live, AO VIVO, that turned me completely against her. As a performer I found her completely contrived and passionless. There was not a spontaneous moment or genuine emotion coming off of that stage the entire night. Everything, I mean EVERYTHING seemed planned and rehearsed to death, completely sterile. And here I betray my gringo origins, I suppose, because this is part of my problem with most if not all of mainstream MPB since the 1970s: artists don't TOUR like they do where I come from, they just, how should I say it – 'fazer um show' ou 'espectáculo.' They'll play a show scattered here, another show there. Marisa's was a 'big production', the tickets were insanely expensive, the audience was dressed for a wedding or a night at the opera, and everyone was seated at little fancy tables. I remember that concert as one of the worst live performances I ever saw: flawless executed, but utterly boring. Later that week, I paid R$5 to see Tom Zé play at the Circo Voador. He didn't even come on stage until almost midnight, gave the audience 120% of his energy in a show that lasted over 2 hours, and actually engaged with his audience (unlike Marisa). He is twice her age and also has 10x the energy, integrity, and originality.. I know this is an Apples Vs. Oranges comparison, but still it is worth mentioning. I've also seen Paulinho da Viola perform live, outdoors during a pre-Carnival season, and although I know he is a kind of mentor to Marisa, she simply can't hold a candle to him. He's the real deal. And yes, his performance was flawlessly executed, but it was also exciting, passionate, and compelling. Same with Arlindo Cruz who played either the same night or the following evening. (Also, who knew the women were so crazy over Arlindo, throwing their underwear on stage and everything!). So in general I like to say that the best thing Marisa has ever done is produce the Portela record "Tudo Azul".

    Marisa's songwriting and recordings are just too slick and polished for me, in summary. Roberta Sá I don't really have an opinion about, I guess I've just kind of ignored her.. But yeah, she strikes me in much the same way, very 'produced' music, pleasant to listen in that unobtrusive, non-threatening, unchallenging way that so much contemporary pop (and MPB) tend to be. If someone puts on one of her records, I won't run from the room screaming, but to me it's little more than background music and it's nothing I would make any effort to listen to…

    I am, of course, just one guy. They sell lots of records, so it must work for some people. 😉

  7. oops, hey sucos, I saw your second comment after I already responded. I understood you meant "talk", not "take" – hehe, I would never TAKE any shit off Marisa! .. But sure, regarding Velha Guarda see my comment above about Tudo Azul. Lots of nuances that we could talk about regarding her role as a privileged branquinha, but for once I don't even find that to be the most relevant factor. Beth Caravalho came from a privileged background and didn't sing samba at the start of her career, but she made f'ing fantastic samba records and did a LOT for the world of samba. Hell, she practically brought Nelson Cavaquinho back from the dead in the early 70s..

    One positive thing I'll say, in spite of all my reservations about her work as an artist – if Marisa Monte draws more people into listening to classic samba who otherwise might not have been introduced to it, then that's great. But I know from my gringo colleagues that, alas, this rarely every happens in the real world…

  8. Thanks for the interesting comments. I agree that MM's stuff is sterile (well, her cover of Preciso me encontrar always kills me though, I gotta say) and that she's overproduced. And I was at that Ze show and probably at the same Paulinho show (it was out at Portela, right) and agree with what you say.

    But, like Sa, there's something beautiful about having some grandee women singing samba – although you have Clementina, Jovelina, Leci, and the rest, those women put out insanely good tracks/records and then kinda fade, or do backup or "fazem shows" in whatever suburbio they visit. But MM, for example, really fucking hits samba out of the park and she's a woman that has the same visibility as Paulinho, Arlindo and the rest (I dont even wanna get into MPB more broadly now bc that's a different question, esp when it comes to northeast tecno/brega singers, that's much more a female dominated world).

    Put simply, yes, you're right 🙂 But also aside from biases about authenticity, there's something magical, and also truly Brazilian, about being overproduced, and I think MM hits that sweet spot pretty well.

    agora, comeon man: if the only good thing she ever did was get Tudo Azul out, that's still enough for me. that record changed my life, even if now, knowing a lot more about samba than i did now, i recognize its weaknesses. É isso.

  9. I didn't say Tudo Azul was the ONLY good thing she ever did. I said it was the BEST thing she ever did. 😉 But I know what you meant, and yes, even if that was her only legacy it's an important one.

    I actually saw Paulinho in the city of Olinda and a few years after Tom Zé so it wasn't the same show.

    Leci Brandão played during carnaval in a very small town where I was living in the Northeast, but I was traveling around the region during those whole three days and when we got back home she had already finished her set. Even if singers like her or Alcione or Beth aren't making any records that I find interesting, they still know how to put on good show.

    What do you think of Teresa Cristina? Would you believe that I *think* I saw her perform one night in Lapa, but I was too drunk to be able to tell you for sure if it was her or not?! It's a wonder I made it home alive that night… Also good that I no longer drink.

  10. (It would be interesting to place her in a lineage of Beth Carvalho, Clara Nunes, and Elis – does she deserve to be up there?)

  11. Teresa Cristina! great question. I would put her with roberta sa in this kind of wishy-washy bougie gentrifying world of Rio/santa teresa and lapa especially. There's a crew there of lots of priviliged people who love her samba who would never dream of journeying out to madureira. however those people are, fundamentally, good people – they tried to oust Paes for example, and despite their (ovewhelming) whiteness I think their affection for samba does have a connection to things other than mere "appropriation" of music (i don't like that argument broadly, anyway.. we all know that despite the best flattening, samba emerged out of lots of cultural mixture, eg Vianna's book, or Mccann).

    BUT i digress. I actually really loved delicada (that poutpourri of Fechei A Porta/Rosa Maria/Jura is great and is one of the only instances i've seen "rosa maria" recorded, and its really fucking good)and I *believe* that you *believe* you saw her.. I saw her in Lapa (in RJ) once and it was mindblowing. That her band is so fucking hipster makes me angry but hey, we can't stamp authenticity only one way… That's a different fetishization/romanticization right..

    i mean, ultimately, samba is my coração til the day I die, but lots of people outside pagodes don't really feel that way, or care what paulinho sang in the 70s. so, i say, the more the better!

  12. password 'vibes' is not working for me?

  13. TeaEye, if you are on a Mac try using UnRar X. Also in general it is better to TYPE it rather than cut and paste.

  14. UnRarX worked – thank you! and thanks for all the fabulous music.

  15. thank you. this blog is wonderful

  16. Hi thanks for the re-ups. A new link for Burnier & Cartier in Flac would be great 😉
    Have a good day


  17. Pront, Mimi Soul. It's done.

  18. Wow already done! Thanks again for the good vibes!


  19. Could you re-up Cartola's O Mundo É um Moinho, please?

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