Rudy Ray Moore – This Ain't No White Christmas (1971/1996)


 Rudy Ray Moore
This Ain’t No White Christmas
Original release 1971 Norton Records / Reissue 1996  Right Stuff

1   Merry Christmas Baby  5:54
2   Lip On  9:54
3   Night Before Christmas (Pt. 1)  3:07
4   Health Dept.  4:26
5   Night Before Christmas (Pt. 2)  3:33
6   Eatin’ Pussy  6:28
7   Black Cat  4:16
8   St. Peter  3:43


Essential listening for the whole family while gathered around the Christmas tree!

I don’t usually like to post records that aren’t in my collection but I couldn’t resist this.  It’s a 1990s reissue of Rudy Ray Moore aka Dolomite’s triple-x Christmas record from 1971.  Unfortunately they saw fit to include “extra material” like new music on some tracks (Lip On, Black Cat), generic hotel-quality R&B that I could do without.  If anyone with the original LP can educate me, I’m curious to know whether they took the vocal track or stand-up routines from the original LP and put new music under it, or whatever the deal might be.

Luckily they kept the original 70s soundtrack for the best stuff here – Night Before Christmas, Eatin’ Pussy, and St. Peter.  In fact it sounds like they were all taken a reasonably worn copy of the vinyl.

Well it may not be a perfect reissue but can you really get took upset and serious over a Rudy Ray Moore record?  No FLAC or 320 this time either.

  Enjoy it and remember to play it for your kids and/or grandparents.



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