Flabbergasted Freeform Podcast No.1, 30-12-12


Well it’s the end of the year and I figure that’s a great time to try something different.  I’ve had blog readers ask me to do podcasts several times, but it took a dear friend’s birthday and some holiday free time before I could finally get around to it.  With any luck it will be a semi-regular feature of the blog; let’s even say I am making a resolution about it.

As I explain during the podcast, I won’t be posting a track list here right away.  Podcasts are still not really a substitute for live radio broadcasts done from actual radio stations, but at least I can maintain some element of surprise by refusing to provide a ‘spoiler’ list of songs before you hear them.  I dutifully read back the tracks during the set breaks, so there is no reason to get upset. 

 Maybe in a week or so, after people have had time to give this a listen, I’ll post the tracks with some more detailed info on them.  For now just enjoy the podcast.  You can either stream it from here or download it using the links provided.


in VBR
/// MIRROR 2

in 320 kbs


Xango da
Mangueira –Cheguei no samba from O Rei do
Partido Alto (1972 Copacabana)
Duke Pearson – Canto de Ossana  from “I
Don’t Care Who Knows It”  (1969, Blue
Pinduca – Vamos Farrear 
from Carimbó e Sirimbó Vol 2  (1973, AMC / Beverly)
African Music Machine – The Dapp from Black Water Gold (2000, Soul Power Records)
Ike & Tina Turner – No More Doggin’  from A
Black Man’s Soul (1969 / 2003 Funky Delicacies )
Rufus Thomas – 60 Minute Man 
from the album “Do The Funky
Chicken” (1969, Stax)
Baianos – Linguagem do Alunte  (1974,
Gilla – Girl From Ipanema from  Help! Help!
  (1977 Hansa International / Ariola)
Masekela – Night in Tunisia 
from I Am Not Afraid (1974, Blue
Solano e Seu Conjunto – Lambada do Laércio from Volume 2 (1985)
 note: I read the wrong title out
during the break, looking at the wrong side of the LP!
Donna Summer – I Can’t Sleep At
Night from Bad Girls (1979, Casablanca)
The Awakening – Slinky  from Mirage
(1973, Black Jazz)
Candeia –
Eu Vivo Isolado do Mundo/ Amor nao e brinceado 
from Axê (1978, Atlantic)
Carvalho – Escasseia  from Na Fonte (1981 RCA )
Rosco Mitchell Art Ensemble – Carefree (Take One) from Congliptuous 
(1968, 2009 Nessa Records)
Terry Callier – Bowlin’ Green  from I
Just Can’t Help Myself (1973, Cadet Records)
Fontella Bass – Who You Gonna Blame from Free  (1972, Paula Records)
Fred Anderson – The Prayer from Dark Day (1979 Message
Records, reissue on Atavistic / Unheard Music Series , 2001)
Jorge Ben –
Bicho de Mata from É Tempo de Música Popular Moderno (1964 CBD/Philips)
Esther Phillips – Fools Rush In from For All We Know (1976
Kudu Records, 2007 King Records Japan – amazing sound on this)

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  1. VERY nicely done! Been enjoying the show for about an hour now and really loved it. The mix of musical styles feels totally natural and the flow is great.
    Thanks for this!

  2. Muito obrigado! Feliz 2013!

    Signed: A certain "J.F." from a cErtain placE 😛

  3. "The mix of musical styles feels totally natural and the flow is great.
    Thanks for this!"

    I agree with EPR.


  4. Thanks guys, I had a lot of fun making it! Hope you are ringing in 2013 with class

  5. Happy New Year and thanks for all the pointers during the last few years…………Fab taste as always….will listen with great interest to your pod cast!!

  6. Hey, cool to see you taking a new direction even as other blogs seem to be shutting down. Keep it up!

  7. Loved the podcast, love the DJ, and I'm a sucker for dedications. Thanks for this surprise present, THANK YOU.
    You're gonna get yours good, Flabbergast, 15 min at a time. E isso (também) não é brinquedo.

  8. Recommending your podcast to a bunch of friends.. e vamos farrear!

  9. Hey Flabber, on your first DJ break I don't think you told us what song that was and who the artist is. That was none other than Funkadelic '71 – Maggot Brain – 'Wars of Armageddon'. Tiki Fullwood and Eddie Hazel just killing it. I may not have posted comments in awhile but I check out you blog all the time. By not 'blogging' on your site it has given me time to read up on your 'rig specs'. Glad I didn't give away my old PC. And the cool part (I think) of listening to you podcasts is trying to guess who is/your playing. If only my pronuciation of Portuguese was half as good as yours.
    Which was the original reason I started listening to your web site in the first place and the good music of course.

  10. With Bernie Worrell laying down the organ riffs and Tawl Ross backing up the rhythm too.

  11. FINALLY I posted the track list. Sorry for delay, folks 😉

    Yes, good ears Sr.Jazztech on the Funkadelic riff.. It was halfway intentional that I didn't mention it – I was hoping somebody would guess. I wanted something special to talk over so I took the beginning of that tune and looped a five-second chunk of it. It's the same drum break at the beginning of the show too, with some cavaquinho looped over it from the Xangô da Mangueira track.

  12. Thanks so much for this! Really looking forward to listening and hope to hear more podcast's from you in 2013!

  13. Good day to you Flabbergast,
    I'm one of those who check your posts regularely (with delight and great antecipation), but hardly writes something. Many thanks for this podcast, awesome music as always. One thing though: would it be possible for you to post this podcast as music only, kind of like a mix that would fit on 80min cd-r. It is indeed such a good collection of tunes, no doubt expertly chosen and sequenced, it'd be a shame not to be able to have it on silver disc close to hand when music therapy is needed.
    Just a thought, humbly put forward, there're a lot of us music lovers and music enthusiasts who rely on bloggers with musical knowledge and authority to provide so far undiscovered treasures. And as you mention elsewhere on your blog, good compilations are hard to come by.
    Again, thanks for all the music thus far and wishing you lots of fun with future post,
    take care,


  14. Hi Izzy, I had thought of doing something similar, which is to separate all the files including the set break commentaries. You could burn a CD from that and just remove the breaks from it

  15. Awesome Podcast! Thank you.

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