Flabbergasted Freeform Radio Hour No.3 – April 2013

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Finally, another episode of the world-famous podcast! 

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Hope you enjoy this one.  I might as well mention, I put my purist audiophile pretensions aside (they are outside my budget anyway) and so should you, podcasts are meant to be listened to `on the go`, driving, running, working, dancing naked in your house or however you like.  Created with a fancy German microphone, some nice preamps, but also using compression which is a good tool if you know how to use it.  With so many different songs with different production values and aesthetics, it is kind of necessary to do some compression and limiting to make the listening experience less jarring (and less reaching for your volume knob or button).  Plus it gives it that little boost of radio faux-excitement that is one of the psychoacoustic benefits of compressing a mix.  I may not have a vintage Fairchild compressor to stay with the vibe of this set, but it works.  Also if you have a Fairchild compressor you don’t need any longer, feel free to send it to me.  I will even pay for the shipping!

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New Birth – Granddaddy
Betty Wright – Clean Up Woman
Carlos Dafe – Bem Querer
Roque da Plá – Cantos Negros
Marines – No laço do carimbô
Mighty Sparrow – Witchdoctor
Vieira e Seu Conjunto – Melô do bode
Ed Lincoln – Miss Balanço
Cal Tjader – Solar Heat
Brother To Brother – Visions

Azar Lawrence – Forces of Nature
Riot – Just Beyond
Jimmy and Vella – Do You Really Know How I Feel
Soul Children – It Hurts Me To My Heart
Baby Huey – Hard Times
Wolfmoon – People Get Ready
J.B.Carvalho – Jesus Cristo
Sister Rosetta Tharpe – Let It Shine
Tim Maia – Paz
Roberto Carlos – Ninguem Tirar Voce de Mim
Orchestra Harlow – Lo Que Dice Usted
Baracho e Seus Cirandeiros – Despedida

Background music during the read-backs came from the Gil Melle soundtrack for The Andromeda Strain and a record by Welsh prog band Man called “2 oz of Plastic With A Hole In The Middle”

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  1. Just finished it via SoundCloud – problems with dowloading, but it may be my fault. I tried to dance around naked to your podcast, but it actually needed my undivided attention. Another impeccable selection by my favourite DJ. Many thanks and ricochet vibes back atcha. And in português: Fechar com o Roberto foi golpe baixo, mas de fato Ninguém Vai Tirar Você de Mim.

  2. Great, i enjoyed Pt 1 a lot!
    Seems that i missed Pt 2, though.

    Just to let you know, Google blocked my account and deleted my blog due to "unusual activity".
    Currently rebuilding the place at
    I would appreciate if you would change the entry in your blogroll, thanks!

  3. hey Le Porc, I changed the link. That's a bummer but you will overcome! Sorry I haven't been around, I've been a bad blog friend – busy trying to write this book-length thing that I am supposed to have done sometime this year, I guess.

    I had a page created as a 'repository' for the podcasts but neglected to put it in the post. Fixed that too. Cheers

  4. Hi Flaber,

    Could you please provide the song list?


  5. You bet I enjoyed your podcast. I's like lestening to a fantastic radio – and by fanstastic I mean unreal, since it does not exist in the daily, and awful, Rio de Janeiro's schedule.

    But I have to say that I simply can't do another task while listening to your selection. Just like I'm not fond of spliting my attention with any other thing when listening to music or watching a movie.

    I was confused when "Paz" started playing, asking myself where did this come from until you explained shortly after. A b-side, very nice!

    I would also like to thank you for your rhythmically speaking, it helps I lot non-native speakers to comprehend what you are saying.

    Thanks, Flabber. You did it again.

  6. rhythmically speaking, que isso? 😀 Do you mean that I talk slowly? Maybe I was baiano in another life.

    Yeah, 'Paz' is a great tune, I wish my copy of the compacto was in better shape. I think it was included on one of those hits-collection LPs like "A Arte de Tim Maia" but has never been reissued anywhere else. There is a really awful remix of "Chocolate" on the collection 'Velhos Camaradas 2' produced by Hyldon where it is made to sound like it was recorded in the 1990s. In fact they may have rerecorded some of the instrumental tracks.

    Thanks for the kind words. It is a bummer that Rio doesn't have better radio. Nem tem rádio comunitário, de UFRJ ou algo?

    Anonymous, I will post the tracklist near the end of the week. I like to leave the podcasts up without the songlist for at least a week to give people a chance to listen and be "surprised." Because I personally really like surprises.

  7. Thank you very much Flabber for this wonderful music!
    Your selections are always unique and never disappointing 😉
    I must add that I'm enjoying the lo-fi vibe a lot… it's reminiscent of the way I listened to music when I was young.
    Very good taste with the compressor too as it's very easy to overdoo it.. may I know what do you use for the task?
    Beautiful music really, a pleasure to hear, thanks again!

    Gonzalo (Uruguay)

  8. Boa noite,

    Poderia repostar o álbum "Maysa – O Barquinho" (1961)?


  9. I'm enjoying radio hour No. 3 very much. It's streaming into the Los Angeles area as I type. Thank you for your efforts, kind sir. Muito Obrigado! Your accent is so good I can't tell which is your first and which is your second language. I'm guessing English first. True?

    P.S. Your "cover girl" lying face down on the vinyl is exceptionally cute. Is she someone famous?

  10. hi flabber i would like to thank you for all this beautiful music that you post here. im musican and your blog has become in a sort of bibliary. here i have found disc's that have expand my mind, gave me new concepts & ideas. I really aprecciate this source.

    please could you post the song list like in the other podcast's

    sorry for the bad english

    cheers & saludos from chile

  11. hi flabber i would like to thank you for all this beautiful music that you post here. im musican and your blog has become in a sort of bibliary. here i have found disc's that have expand my mind, gave me new concepts & ideas. I really aprecciate this source.

    please could you post the song list like in the other podcast's

    sorry for the bad english

    cheers & saludos from chile

  12. Thanks for this super cool radio hour. May i ask what is the last but one music? It's completely different to everything i know, the way they sing is astonishing

  13. Hi Anonimo, I think you are referring to Baracho, a singer of ciranda (and maracatu rural) from Pernambuco.

    Kovina Kris, yeah.. first language is indeed English. I have no idea who the girl in the photo is but yes she is very cute. Thanks for you kind words.

    Gonzalo from Uruguay, glad you like the mix. I track and mix the whole thing in an older version of Adobe Audition (I started using Cubase but for such a simple task Audition suited me better). Voice-over on this one was done with a vintage Neumann U87, I have also used AKG 414s and a modified Marshall tube mic. Compression was a an API 2500 software plugin. I have some analog outboard compression but it is kind of "overkill" to hook all that up for a podcast.

  14. fucking amazing selection of tunes if i had more money i would book you for djing ….maybe in near future when things will go better for me

  15. fucking amazing selection …..thank you that share this with whole wide world !!!

  16. Thanks Flabber for taking the time to describe your setup; I use the API 2500 too all the time in the master bus for my mixes. It's my compressor of choice in this specific role and it has a wonderful, non obtrusive sound in feedback mode (if not abused).
    But most of all… thanks for opening our ears to A LOT of music that otherwise is seldom heard anywhere else!
    Like Sebastian says above, your making a really nice contribution to expand our musical appreciation skills.

  17. Hi Flabber, i love your choice of music and will take a listen to your podcast. Thanks for all your good work!! BTW: Very nice garota/girl on the picture 🙂

  18. AWESOME bro! Keep it up! Much love, DONFABS

  19. Unfortunately I had to delete this from the Soundcloud page (not enough room unless I go "Pro"). Which meant I had to delete these nice comments too – cut and pasted here:

    View all

    BreezeyTFU’s avatar
    26 days BreezeyTFU at 3.31:

    accidentally stumbled on this trying to translate funk de umbigada, quite fitting 🙂
    iLLConti’s avatar
    1 month iLLConti at 37.47:

    Diggin It!
    Rebuilder’s avatar
    1 month Rebuilder at 29.41:

    Thanks for all the effort you put into your blog. I've been getting into Brazilian music lately and your blog has been helping me get familiar with some amazing…

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