African Music Machine – Black Water Gold 1972-74 (2000)

African Music Machine
Black Water Gold
2000 Soul Power – LPS 3317
Collection of singles released 1972-3

A1 Black Water Gold (Pearl) 2:59
A2 Mr. Brown 2:48
A3 A Girl In France 2:25
A4 The Dapp 2:40
B1 Never Name A Baby (Before It’s Born) 3:10
B2 Tropical 2:20
B3 Making Nassau Fruit Drink 2:26
B4 Camel Time 2:50

   Bass, Vocals – Louis Villery
Drums – Louis Acorn
Guitar – Jumbo
Percussion – Osman
Piano, Organ – Obitu
Producer – Louis Villery
Saxophone [Tenor] – Tyrone Dotson
Saxophone [Tenor], Flute – Ete-Ete
Trumpet – Amal
Written By – Bell
Written-By – Louis Villery


Vinyl-> Pro-Ject RM-5SE turntable (with Sumiko Blue Point 2 cartridge,
Speedbox power supply); Creek Audio OBH-15; M-Audio Audiophile
2496Soundcard ; Adobe Audition at 32-bit float 96khz; Click Repair light
settings; individual clicks and pops taken out with Adobe Audition 3.0 –
resampled (and dithered for 16-bit) using iZotope RX Advanced. Tags
done with Foobar 2000 and Tag&Rename.

 This group released  4 singles between 1972 and 1974 on the Paula subsidiary label Soul Power Records, and they were collected on this LP posthumously.  New Orleans funk-soul band formed by bassist Louis Villery that sounds sometimes like James Brown meets Muscle Shoals meets early Chicago (the band)/Blood Sweat & Tears.  The opening cut is fantastic, and the arrangements on most of the cuts are inventive enough to keep things interesting.  Most of it is instrumental, and the vocals on a couple of tunes are kind of superfluous.  A couple tunes (A Girl In France & Tropical) have a kind of Meters-like feel mostly due to the rhythm guitar.  I could sort of imagine these guys playing a double bill in NOLA with The Meters.. in the opening slot, of course.   The tune Camel Time has a Santana-esque vibe, or maybe it’s a Malo vibe… crossed with some random outtake from the first Funkadelic record.

Well that is enough genetic-musical-splicing for one blog post.  In the end the music here is nothing to flip out over but it ain’t bad either.  In fact the first time you play it, it’s pretty damn enjoyable, but in my opinion it doesn’t quite hold my interest in the long-term after repeated listens.  I am sure if I were one of those freaks who only plays 45’s, I would love it more.

These are all mono mixes, but since the vinyl pressing is not truly cut in mono, I opted not to use the mono fold-down option in Clickrepair, it seemed like it do result in some weird phasing issues.  This stuff is pretty low-fi and it’s really more of an EP – 8 songs in about 20 minutes.  Personally, the 16-44.1 version
of this is good enough for me.  Maybe it’s the limitations of my speakers, or my ears, or the fact that I drink enough coffee to
sometimes give me tinnitus, but I just don’t there is enough sonic information here to make  huge difference.  Still, this was ripped in 24
bit – 96 khz, and I have the files, so why not share, cuz the internetz must have thems!


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  1. Thanks for this Flabber' !

  2. Looks really cool! Thanks!

  3. Estou gostando bastante desse disquinho, pena que é tão curto – ou ainda, pena que o grupo não gravou mais músicas no tempo deles. Segui a sua dica e peguei o disco em 16/44.1 mesmo, afinal, se o Flabber que é o Flabber diz que não vê diferença entre os dois, quem sou eu pra discordar.

    Você escrever sobre o fato do disco "perder um pouco da graça" depois de algumas audições me lembrou do caso contrário, "A Misteriosa Luta…" do Ronnie Von que você postou – no início desse ano(?) – e que virou uma espécie de "disco de cabeceira" pra mim, se é que isso existe. Falando nisso eu queria te perguntar uma coisa. Ao meu ver a qualidade das faixas bônus (qualidade sonora) é muito claramente superior que a das músicas do disco em si, você tem alguma ideia do porquê disso acontecer?

  4. Thought I'd left a comment…After several listens..your description right on the money!


  5. Thanks for the comments, Franco. I was traveling and couldn't publish them on the road. If I didn't moderate comments here this place would be filled with erectile-dysfunction ads and scam site links!

  6. Whoa! Thanks a lot for all those gems!
    As Baloo said:"yeah, well, man, what a beat!"

  7. What a fun and energetic set of singles this is! It's just over way too fast. Thank you Flabbergast!

  8. i cannot thank you enough. you are a reference to us all

  9. Beautiful box set! Thanks.

  10. Hey Flabber… you allways have some real great stuff, thanks for all your work.

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