Flabbergasted Freeform Radio Hour # 8

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April 2014

Well it’s about time for another podcast.  I hope you enjoy it.  You can listen to it on either Mixcloud , or get yourself a direct download from these links.

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Lord Nelson – Garrot Bounce
Alejandro Duran – Cumbia Costeña
Latin Fever – Chirrin Chirran
Sly and The Family Stone – Jigsaw Puzzle
Chubby Checker – Gypsy
Gabor Szabo – Theme From Valley Of The Dolls
Shorty Rogers and His Giants – Chega de Saudade
Gilberto, Miúcha, and Stan Getz – Isáura
Ajiruteua De Marapanim – Da Cacaia
Blue Mitchell – Flat Backing


Nelson Sargento – Primavera
James Moody – You Got To Pay
Paco de
Lucia – Quizás, quizás, quizás
Jackson do
Pandeiro – Nortista quatrocentão
Raul Seixas, Sergio Sampaio, Edy Star – Quero Ir
Isaac  Hayes –
Chocolate Chip
Alberta Hunter – Sugar
Prince Buster – Don’t Throw Stones (or Rude Rude Rudie)
Olodum –
Vinheta Cuba-Brasil
The J.B.s – The Grunt Pt. 1
Golden Gate Quartet – Same Train
Som Três – Oh Happy Day
Maysa – Quizás, quizás, quizás
Ijahman Levi – Are We A Warrior

in 320 


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  1. a word to inform you that I added Flabergasted vibes to the blogroll of my new blog dedicated to brazilian music: http://la-musique-bresilienne.fr/

    Keep sharing great music!

    Boebis (from bonjour samba and berceuse électrique)

  2. I'm running out of superlatives where these FF Radio podcasts are concerned. They're the shit, they're the bomb, let the mothers play on! Great stuff and so much fun to listen to. Thank you Flabbergast. Keep 'em comin' please.

  3. Dear Flabergasted,
    is an honor for me to write
    my name is Fabian Altahona and I am from Colombia.
    I have a blog called Africolombia which is divided into 2 sections the first and second part

    Africolombia 1 – http://acbia.wordpress.com
    Africolombia 2 – http://africolombiablog.wordpress.com

    I wondered if it was possible for you to add my site to your blog.
    I can also add yours to mine.
    Please let me know if possible
    Thank you!

  4. I'm with Kovina Kris
    Qui disse
    Wot a wonderful series this
    Certainly is.

  5. Valeu por mais um programa nota dez.

    Flabber, eu estou curioso com uma coisa: De onde veio essa música do Chubby Checker – ou melhor, esse é o mesmo Chubby Checker do twist?

  6. é o mesmo. Foi do disco "Chequered!" de 1971. é uma viagem

  7. Flabber,
    Many thanks from Luanda

  8. Got your radio show on as I cook today, will need to go back to all previous shows – – it will be a long day and the great music will keep me happy. So I give thanks and praise to your vibes, they make me feel alright.

    Sam from SF

  9. What a lovely message! Hope all your culinary creations turned out well and you shared them with good people.

  10. Hi. Cannot d/l Flabbergasted Freeform Radio Hour # 8. Instead I am getting # 14. Seems like the links were mixed up. I am sorry for bothering you.

    • No bother at all, in fact I greatly appreciate it. It’s a lot of work maintaining all of this single-handedly and sorting out the radio programs, in multiple formats, and on multiple pages, was bound to result in a few mistakes. Can you tell me, have you tried downloading it from the main “Podcasts” page that has all the programs together? It is possible the correct link is there.

      • If I remember correctly, I have tried both ways. However, I may try again. Thx for your Attention and all the work you have invested here!!

  11. Nope, I have just tried again @ your main Podcasts page. But again, it’s #14 instead of #8.

  12. to make it even worse: if I d/l #8 from the “Freeform & Focus Podcasts” page (flac only), I get #7, mislabled as #8.


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