The Return of Flabbergasted Vibes / Freeform Radio Hour #9

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It’s back.

Enjoy the music.

320 kbps   /   FLAC


Sounds of the City
Experience – Stuff and Thing
Chuito& the Latin
Uniques – Hey Funky Mama
Mass Production –
Music and Love
Gary  Burton – Doin’ The Pig
Johnny Otis – Justine
Rahsaan Roland Kirk –
Sabinda – Liberdade
Carib Tokyo Steel Band – Super-rod
Alfonso Lovo – La
Gong of Busungbiu  –  Lagu-tabhuh-gari
Harold Land – Our
Christopher Komeda –
Lullaby   and Crib Sequence
Los Buenos – Groovy
Phil Upchurch –
Crosstown Traffic
Sarolta Zlatnay and
Skorpio – Hadd Mondjam El
The Cutlass Band –
Obiara Wondo
Miroslav Vitous – Aim
Your Eye
Paulo Moura – Dois Sem Vergonha
João Bosco – Boca de
John Holt with Leory
Sibbles – Let’s Build Our Dreams
Irma Thomas – Hittin’
On Nothing
The Impressions –
Look What I’ve Got
Yellow Bird – Wings
of a Dove
Blind Willie Johnson
– Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground
Gene Page – Good To The Last Drop

Incidental and background music during the breaks come from the soundtracks fro Dawn Of The Dead (Goblin), Psycho (Bernard Hermann), and Nosferatur (Popol Vuh).

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  1. Terrific mix! Welcome back – we missed you dreadfully.

  2. Please don't run off again… you were missed.

  3. I concur you were misssed……..

  4. Long time lurker first time poster. I am dreadfully delighted you've come back. You were sorely missed!

    Also, absolutely amazing stuff as usual! The things I'd do to get a list of the songs on the podcast.

    Regardless, welcome back!

  5. Really glad to have you back. Thanks for another great podcast.

  6. Wow!! what a beautiful selection!…
    I suspect it has to be a though job to make such a beautiful selection maintaining the a nice relation of delicacy vs roughness, but this is what makes it so interesting to hear.
    thanks a lot Flabber!

  7. I am so glad you're back that I didn't even comb my hair.
    The inter-sphere is restored to its natural balance.

  8. Thank you for coming back! That's all i have to say,

  9. Another lurker here, so glad to see you return, you've contributed considerably to my musical tastes in the past, so thank you so much, and really looking forward to your new posts.

  10. This is a nice surprise…still had the bloglink in my favourites and checked it sometimes. Always liked the selection posted here. Respect.

  11. It's great to see you back!!! I had this feeling the hiatus would not end, I'm glad I was wrong.

    The podcast is great so far. I especially liked the "MAS EU NÃO SOU OBRIGADO A NADA, NADA!" bit, got me laughing alone in the bus.

    Thank you for another episode of my favorite podcast, Flabber.

  12. I knew I should keep you in my bookmarks..welcome back and thank you.

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