Flabbergasted Freakout Freeform No. 11, May 2015

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Flabbergasted Freeform Freakout No. 11 by Flabbergasted Vibes on Mixcloud

More details (like a tracklist) will come when I damn well feel like it.  Enjoy!

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Rufus Thomas – Love Trap
Roy Ayers’ Ubiquity – Love
The Main Ingredient – Happiness Is Just
Around the Bend
Charles Earland – Warp Factor 8
Hatfield & The North – The Yes No
Barbara Mason – Trigger Happy People
Nico – Frozen Warnings
Laurel Aitken – John B.
Rotary Connection – I Am the Black Gold of
the Sun
Steve Hillage – The Salmon Song
David Crosby – Laughing
Joe Henderson – Black Narcissus
Michi Sarmiento y Su Combo – Hong Kong
Gomez – Lupita
Masakela & Letta Mbulu – Mahlalela
Valle – Deixa o mundo e o sol entrar
The Three Degrees – Collage
Led Zeppelin – When the Levee Breaks
Fairport Convention – Crazy Man Michael
Joe Higgs – There’s a Reward
Herbie Mann – Flying
Gene Harris – Lean On Me

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  1. That's the sprit!! Well, post the details whenever you damn well feel inke it. I'll check it out then too!


  3. Hey there Flabber, do you know if this new Paulinho da Viola boxset they just released includes the Abbey Road remasters? I don't believe they would remaster everything over again…

  4. Hi there Anonymous 2, do we know each other from somewhere else?
    I was unaware there was a new Paulinho boxset. I surely hope they did use the Abbey Road remasters done by Peter Mew because I think they sound wonderful. Barring some kind of high-resolution analog transfer done by Alan Yoshida, I can't see how they could improve on them much and most likely any further remastering would be a step back. Just my opinion of course. I'll ask around and see if any of my friends have bought it and find out about the mastering if I can.

    • Alright, thanks! Unfortunately, after doing some research, i believe this new boxset offers some new remasters. Here is the link: http://www.blognotasmusicais.com.br/2014/06/retomada-caixa-com-albuns-de-paulinho.html. Now, do you find the old Abbey Road remasters better than the original LP's? I dislike the remaster of his first album from 1968, for example, i mean, what can Peter Mew really knows about samba? Talking bout remasters, i'm also curious about the new Elis Regina ones…

      PS: I visit your blog from time to time, and also comment from time to time, but i'm too lazy to log on my Google account to do so. But great stuff man, as always.

    • re: Peter Mew's samba street cred, would you rather have the tin-eared tinnitus of Charles Gavin in charge of the mastering session? 😀 Seriously though, sure there is always room for improvements. I only have a reissue vinyl of his first album (probably made in the 1980s) so I won't claim too much authority, but I don't think that album was mixed terribly well to begin with. The 1970s titles remastered at Abbey Road – the ones that I have, at least – sound pretty nice to me. Of course when given the choice between a super-clean vinyl copy on a decent turntable versus a remastered CD, I'd prefer the vinyl nearly every time, but I don't think they did a bad job. Which is more than I can say for a lot of Ricardo Garcia's work, making me skeptical of dropping money on that box before hearing it. In the comment thread of that blog post you linked, there's a bunch of people debating and arguing.. Arguing about the relative merits of CD masterings is a use of my time that ranks only slightly higher than ramming a dull pencil through my eardrums while watching Fox News, so I guess in a way I sort of don't care about those conversations any longer. I see one person opining that the 90s Milton Nascimento remasters "didn't have enough punch" and touting the recent Clube de Esquina anniversary edition instead — that's kind of an "enough said?" moment for me. I know I am officially old and curmudgeonly at this point but the general trend of most remasters has been to make things worse and the burden of proof is on *them* to demonstrate to me that they didn't do their work with earbud / car / laptop speakers in mind. Then of course there is the truism of 'How many times will they make us go out and buy the same records?" and this is especially true in the case of Elis Regina, who obviously won't be making any new ones. Again focusing on the 1970s, I have most of her catalog in both vinyl and CD formats and those original CDs hold up pretty damn well to me. Everything in my signal chain (except my turntable, oddly enough) is at least 20 years old, including the early 90s Harman/Kardon CD player that I payed $100 for, second hand in the 90s, and still plays as well as the day I bought it. All this being said, I’d be interested in hearing what they do with Elis’ stuff, but I am admittedly biased toward skepticism and would maybe need somebody to blindfold me to attempt objectivity.

      Universal Remasters, get off my lawn

  5. -Hey folks flabbergasted vibes is back

    -people: clap clap clap

  6. escrevi aqui mas acho que não foi, na dúvida, vou mandar de novo rs

    A alguns meses atras eu escrevi um comentario no blog "criatura sebo" perguntando sobre a coletânea Música do Brasil – 2000 vc respondeu dizendo que tinha os cds e o livrinho que vem com eles. Tá afim de fazer negocio? uma cópia? rs me escreve dayanaluiza_hotmail.com


  7. Opa, cheguei tarde pra essa Radio Hour, a lista de músicas já está até publicada! Mas pra manter a tradição, não olhei as seleções ainda.

    Valeu, Flabber, adoro o seu podcast!

  8. I will sacrifice a goat in your honour

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