Flabberform Focus No.1: Samba

A new atomic era of podcasts dedicated to particular styles and genre of music is being kicked off with a spontaneous homage to the endless wellspring of musical energy known as samba.  I hope you enjoy it, and with any luck I’ll make more of these. Saravá!I’ll provide direct links for MP3 and FLAC downloads for your convenience in the next 12 hours.  In the meantime here it is streaming on Mixcloud.

Direct download links:

Mp3 320 kbs

FLAC  16-bit


Os Originais do Samba – Lá Vem Salgueiro
Elza Soares – Bom dia, Portela
Xangô da Mangueira – Jequitibá do Samba
Darcy da Mangueira – Samba do Trabalhador
Clara Nunes – Candongueiro
Clementina de Jesus – Embala Eu
Giovana – Pisa nesse Chão com Força
Roberto Ribeiro – Coração Contrariado
Os Partideiros 10 – Barra Pesada and Compadre
Roberto Silva – Era Atômica
Francisco Alves – Ai, Ai Que Pena!
Luiz Ayrão – Porta Aberta
Caetano Veloso – Chuva, Suor e Cerveja
Os Demônios da Garoa – Um Samba no Bixiga
Cesar Costa Filho – Um Bilhete pra Longe
Leci Brandão – Decepção de uma Porta-Bandeira
João Nogueira – As Forças da Natureza
Dorival Caymmi e Bando da Lua – Acontece que Eu Sou Baiano
Carmen Miranda – É um Quê que a Gente Tem
Raul de Barros – Folhas Secas
Maria Creuza – Amor de Mãe
João Bosco – O Mestre-Sala dos Mares
Jorge Veiga – Na Cadência do Samba

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  1. Ouvi e adorei. Vai postando…

  2. Muito bom! Seria possível conhecer a playlist?

  3. This is great man! Any way I could pry from you the secret of your mixes (mainly what software you use?)

    Thanks for all the fantastic music.

    • Sure, I'm not very secretive about it. I've been using a very old version of Adobe Audition (v3.0). I use an API compressor plugin to get each track at more or less the same presence in the mix, and either an API or SSL plugin as a compressor/limiter on the master buss. I don't typically use any EQ but sometimes if a recording is particularly lo-fi (for example, the pre-1950 stuff on this samba mix) then I will EQ it to make the contrast less jarring with the rest of the tunes. My favorite EQ for that is an SSL plugin. For the majority of my Freeform podcasts, I was actually dragging out microphones and preamps just to record my voiceover (either an AKG 414 or a Neumann U87 running through a Sytek preamp) but that began to seem really overboard, so I broke down and got a designated 'podcasting' mic, a Blue Yeti (half-off flash sale on Amazon, yo!). It get's the job done although I would never record music with one of them, for the record… Funny you should ask this question now, because for this samba mix I was considering pulling out an analog stereo compressor/limiter I have sitting around (a Langevin unit, made by Manly) to run the entire mix through it, but I didn't have the time to get it hooked up and working and still have the podcast out during Carnaval.

    • … Also, in case you were wanting this type of info too, for the actual digitization of the vinyl, just see any of the vinyl rips featured on the blog for details on the setup.

  4. Oi Flabber
    Otimo como sempre! Da pra postar o albun inteiro da Maria Crueza? valeu!

  5. Sarava! The links are defunct but the program is still downloadable, so thank you very much for this.

    • Which links are defunct? Can you be more specific to help me out – they all seem to be working at this end (but Mega sometimes requires cutting and pasting, so if you are having trouble with those then I should redesign the post). I was actually considering deleting this Mixcloud account, thinking it serves no purpose any more. I just can’t “compete” with all the good mixes from people who constantly post there so I don’t even bother now.

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