Flabbergasted Freeform Vol. 20


I actually made this mix for a dear friend over a year ago.  I kind of gave up on posting public mixes as I feel outdone by both AI and the many human DJs with better skillz than me, but what the hell, why not.

Who knows, maybe I will start doing these again once in a blue moon, or at least more than once every few years.  This mixtape is a bit different from my usual ‘freeform’ sessions in that it is entirely Anglophone and, with one notable exception, very USA-centric.  But since I have just recently relocated back to the land of hopeless political gridlock and mass shootings — there is a new one in the news literally right now, as I am posting this on the blog –  that musical geography feels appropriate to me.  I might as well embrace it, for the time being. Hope y’all dig it!


Or if you prefer to load this up ala carte on your music player of choice:

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