Arsenio Rodríguez – Primitivo (1965)

Arsenio Rodríguez Primitivo Original release, 1965 – Roost Records LP 2261 CD reissue, 1999 Tico Records SLP-1173 The blind Afro-Cuban tres player, percussionist, composer and bandleader Arsenio Rodríguez was one of a handful of individuals who fundamentally changed Latin music in the twentieth century, a fact which history and audiences were somewhat slow to recognize.  This record features a lean, stripped-down ensemble he put together in early 1958 at the behest of Teddy Reig, who for some reason sat on … Continue reading

Tamba Trio – Tamba Trio (1975)

Tamba Trio (self-titled) RCA 888430906624 Original release 1975 Reissue 2014 (EU) 1 – 3 Horas Da Manhã  (Ivan Lins, Waldemar Correia) 2:42 2 Visgo De Jaca (Sergio Cabral, Rildo Hora) 2:35 3 Ou Bola Ou Bulica (Aldir Blanc, Joao Bosco) 2:12 4 Beira-Mar (Ivan Lins) 2:19 5 Olha Maria (Amparo) (A.C. Jobim) 4:45 6 Chorinho No. 1 (Durval Ferreira) 1:44 7 Jogo Da Vida (Sidney Miller, Danilo Caymmi) 3:15 8 Sanguessuga (Fernando Brant, Toninho Horta) 3:47 9 Janelas (Ivan Lins, … Continue reading

Roy Ayers Ubiquity – Live At The Montreux Jazz Festival (1972/1996)

Roy Ayers Ubiquity – Live At The Montreux Jazz Festival Original release 1972 Polydor (Japan) 1996 CD reissue Verve Records 314531641-2 Dipping back into the Roy Ayers Ubiquity catalog, this live performance hails from pretty early in their trajectory, and this version was expanded from the original LP to include 4 extra tracks for what is probably a pretty complete representation of their set.  (more below the break)

In memoriam, Jerry Garcia (August 1, 1942 – August 9, 1995)

Twenty-five years ago, when Jerry Garcia passed on this day in 1995, I was jaded and angry. Still reeling with unprocessed grief from the death of my only sibling a few years earlier, I had distanced myself from the scene I had once felt an affinity to (which had grown increasingly sketchy in the 1990s anyway). I refused to leave my apartment, stayed in bed most of the day, steadfastly avoiding the vigil in the park down the street from … Continue reading

Eddie Hazel – Rest In P (1994) (P-Vine Records PCD-2884)

Eddie Hazel – “Rest In P” 1994 P-Vine Records PCD-2884 Released in Japan Eddie Hazel would have turned 70 years old in April of this year.  This collection of rarities by Hazel is a delight for longtime fans and should impress the neophyte, though I wouldn’t recommend it for the totally uninitiated – those people should start with the first three Funkadelic albums, then Standing On The Verge of Getting It On, and then his solo album Games, Dames, and … Continue reading

Jackson do Pandeiro – Raízes Nordestinas (1999)

Jackson do Pandeiro – Raízes Nordestinas 1999 EMI / Copacabana326 520558 2 Tonight is the night honoring São João, St. John the Baptist.  It’s a very traditional holiday in northeast Brazil and this blog used to have a tradition of São João and Festa Junina-themed posts at this time of the year.  But with everything else going on in the world, and the tragiclusterfuck that is Brazil under fascist fan-boy Bozonazi, I honestly didn’t even notice how quickly June has … Continue reading