Marion Brown – Porto Novo (1969) (2020 RSD Org Music)

Marion Brown – Porto Novo Original release 1969 as Polydor 583 724 Reissued in 1975 as Arista/Freedom AL 1001 This reissue, 2020 ORG Music / Freedom (ORGM-2149) I thought a change of pace was warranted here to correspond with a new chapter in my life.  Marion Brown played pretty “free” but he could still swing as well as squonk.  He made this album a few years after moving to Europe in the late 60s.  It’s hard at times to believe … Continue reading

Joe Cuba Sextet – Vagabundeando (Hangin’ Out) (1964)

Joe Cuba Sextet – Vagabundeando! (Hangin’ Out) 1964 Tico Records SLP-1112 1990s CD reissue (undated) The Good Doctor has been busy shaping young minds and maybe some hearts in recent days, toiling away on a class where I hopefully provoke them to think about music in different ways than they had before.  And while there is almost always a soundtrack involved, I have precious little time to share it with you all.  Here is another offering from the Joe Cuba … Continue reading

Roland Haynes – 2nd Wave (1975) (2020 Black Jazz / Real Gone Music)

  It’s a total coincidence (or is it?) that my first two posts about the Black Jazz reissues have been by keyboardists, without any brass or reeds in their band. Weird, eh? This record, “2nd Wave” is great stuff by a one-and-done mysterious key tickler, Roland Haynes. There are actually two Fender Rhodes players here, so that should be welcomed by those of you for whom there is Never Enough Rhodes.  Not much is known about Roland Haynes, a situation … Continue reading

Juan Formell y Los Van Van – Vol. III (1974)

Juan Formell & Los Van Van Juan Formel & Los Van Van (Vol. III) Label: Egrem – CD 0128 Series: Coleccion Juan Formell Y Los Van Van – Vol. III Format: CD, Album, Reissue, Special Edition Cuba, 1995 Genre: Latin, Funk / Soul Style: Funk, Son, Salsa, Cubano Well, dear friends, I had planned to post something special for my birthday, which was two weeks ago, but being the notorious party animal that I am, time went out the window … Continue reading

Joe Cuba – Steppin’ Out (1963, Mono)

Joe Cuba – Steppin’ Out  Seeco SCLP 9248 Original release 1963 This pressing, late 60s / early 70s Style: Pachanga, Mambo, Guaguancó, Cha-Cha, Bolero, Salsa The back cover of this early Joe Cuba LP includes instructions on how to dance the ‘Wabble Cha’, a dance step I presumed they hoped would take the world by storm. There are two great vocalists on this record – Cheo Feliciano and Jimmy Sabater.  “To Be With You” would become Sabater’s trademark song.

Gene Russell – New Direction (1972) (Black Jazz BJ01 – RSD 2020)

Gene Russell New Direction Real Gone Music RGM1018 Released: 29 Aug 2020 Limited Edition, RSD exclusive, Clear with Black Swirl US  Original release on BLACK JAZZ RECORDS as BJ/1 in 1971 Well, it has been nearly two months since my last post here. I had planned to share this record at the beginning of the year, hoping that 2021 would symbolize a “new direction” for the world.  But those hopes got dashed just a few days in. I haven’t been … Continue reading