Paulinho da Viola – Paulinho da Viola (1971, Mono pressing)

Paulinho Da Viola – Paulinho Da Viola 1971 Odeon – MOFB 3670 Style: Samba, MPB Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Mono Tracklist A1 – Num Samba Curto (02:48) A2 – Pressentimento (02:47) A3 – Para Ver As Meninas (02:47) A4 – Nas Ondas Da Noite (02:06) A5 – Filosofia Do Samba (02:10) A6 – Consumir E Viver (02:42) B1 – Lapa Em Três Tempos (Musica Incidental: Abre A Janela) (02:48) B2 – Coração (02:05) B3 – Minha Vez De Sorrir (02:47)… Continue reading

Chico Freeman – The Search (1983) (India Navigation)

  Chico Freeman – The Search Vinyl rip in 24-bit/192 kHz | FLAC | Web scans | Jazz 1.52GB (24/192) + 806 MB (24/96) || 1983 India Navigation IN 1059 I have not posted on this blog in nearly 6 months.  For those of you still hanging around, I hope you are all doing well.  A lot has been happening in the world, and in my personal and professional life, that have kept me away.  But I will try and… Continue reading

La Sonora Matancera – Super 100 Éxitos (2008)

La Sonora Matancera Super 100 Exitos Warner / Rhino / Peerless MCM 2851359 Made in Mexico Super 100 Éxitos, or is it 100 Super Éxitos? This is a 5-CD boxset with 100 tracks and no  notes or booklet.  Which is a shame because La Sonora Matancera is an institution whose inheritance the whole world has gained something from, arguably the “mothership” from whence all salsa music derives.  As has been stated here before, “salsa” is a catch-all, umbrella term anyway… Continue reading

Leci Brandão – Antes Que Eu Volte A Ser Nada (1975) (1980 Japan Polydor / Marcus Pereira WLP)

Leci Brandão – Antes Que Eu Volte A Ser Nada Vinyl rip in 24-bit/192 kHz | FLAC |  300 dpi scans |Samba, MPB, Brazil 1975 Marcus Pereira || 1980 Polydor Japan   A classic debut album from one of the best artists to emerge from the 1970’s roots samba revival in Brazil, Leci Brandão is unique in that not only was she a tremendous singer but she also composed — on this album, there’s not a song she didn’t write!  Continue reading

Dorothy Ashby – Afro-Harping (1968)

Dorothy Ashby – Afro-Harping  Orig. release 1968 Cadet Records / 2018 Geffen / UMe Next to Alice Coltrane, Dorothy Ashby is easily the best-known proponent of “jazz harp.”  I mean, it’s not exactly a crowded scene, is it?  This record stimulates all my auralgenous zones, drawing on ‘soul jazz’, pop, Latin, post-bop, R&B and proto-funk.  It may even evoke “exotica”, but only in the best ways: the lead-off track has a theremin in it, FFS.  It’s the kind of thing… Continue reading

Slapp Happy – Acnalbasac Noom (1980) (2020 Our Swimmer)

Slapp Happy – Acnalbasac Noom 2020 Our Swimmer – WELLE102 for Record Store Day Original release 1980 Recorded with members of Faust at that band’s Wümme studio in 1973, this album was originally scrapped and then rerecorded (without Faust) and released as Casablanca Moon. This version finally surfaced in 1980, with the original title spelled backward.   I’ve seen it described as “more raw” than the rerecorded album, but don’t be fooled — these aren’t demos, this is a finished album,… Continue reading