Sui Generis – Obras Cumbres (2000)

sui generis
Sui Generis
Obras Cumbres
Released 2000 on Sony Argentina

1 Cancion Para Mi Muerte
2 Necesito
3 Estacion
4 Toma Dos Blues
5 Amigo Vuelve a Casa Pronto
6 Quizas, Porque
7 Cuando Comenzamos a Nacer
8 Cuando Ya Me Empiece a Quedar Solo
9 Bienvenidos al Tren
10 Confesiones de Invierno
11 Rasguna Las Piedras
12 Lunes Otra Vez
13 Aprendizaje
14 Mr. Jones O Pequena Semblanza de una Fam
15 Tribulaciones, Lamento y Ocaso de un Ton
16 Tango en Segunda
17 Juan Represion
18 El Show de Los Muertos
19 Pequenas Delicias de La Vida Conyugal
20 El Tuerto y Los Ciegos
21 Musica de Fondo Para Cualquier Fiesta An
22 Las Increibles Aventuras del Senor Tijer
23 Botas Locas
24 Alto en La Torre
25 El Fantasma de Canterville [live]
26 Confesiones de Invierno [live]
27 Cancion Para Mi Muerte [live]
28 Zapando Con La Gente [live]
29 Aprendizaje [live]
30 Cuando Ya Me Empieze a Quedar Solo [live]
31 Bubulina [live]
32 Pequenas Declicias de La Vida Conyugal [live]
33 Rasgunas Las Piedras
34 Blues de Levante

In spite of generic packaging and absolutely no liner notes, this is a pretty nice career retrospective of Argentinian gods Sui Generis. I don’t say “compilation” or “greatest hits” because this 2-CD release presents highlights of the entire (original) recorded output — by which I mean, they include practically all of their first two albums, and healthy chunks of the rest. The first two are just stone-cold classics by anyone’s watch. Look around on YouTube and can see the thousands of people singing every word of some of these tunes during the Sui Generis ‘comeback/reunion’ thing from a few years back. The collection also includes the tracks “Juan Represion” and “El Show de Los Muertos” which were both censored and removed from the original album.

Their third album is not as well represented here, not surprising given the reaction of original fans to it. It’s pretty balls-out prog-rock (or prog-related, as the Prog Archives deems them not worthy of full-on “prog” membership 😛 ). I like it. The open-minded among you will too, I think. The funny thing is that Charly Garcia’s songwriting in general didn’t seem to change radically during this record, just his vision of the arrangements, the instrumentation, the energy. The live album ‘Adios, Sui Generis’ was also a classic, recorded at their big farewell concert. The other two volumes , although released later were (as far as I know) recorded during the same time.

The Prog Archives page about Sui Generis is actually pretty cool, with fan reviews and descriptions of their major albums and links to video clips.


Includes full artwork at 600 dpi, log, cue, m3us, and a gift certificate.

P.S. Charly Garcia stole my Yamaha NS-10s and is enjoying music on them in Ann Arbor, Michigan, as you read this!

Sui Generis – Obras Cumbres (2000) in 320kbs

Sui Generis – Obras Cumbres (2000) in FLAC, Part 1

Sui Generis – Obras Cumbres (2000) in FLAC, Part 2