Henryk Górecki – Symphony No.3 (1992)

On a good day I can see Babylonia outside my window. Its fires died out long ago like dozens of other sugar mills in this area. In the evenings the sweet acrid sent of burning cane mixes with the wood fires in the furnaces baking bricks out of the red clay soil, drifting from miles away into my house. Through my windows. Mingled with the scent of burning trash from close by. One kilometer up the road, the vast pit of scooped earth that births those bricks, the eroded remains forming mock desert formations sculpted in red clay. Red clay. When taking the bus back from the city after going to see my doctor, they are garnished with diesel fumes and singe my nostrils. I think of the old men and women who have to travel to the city for medicine and whether the ride might not be worse than simply staying home.

Quickening pulse on winding streets. Every third block an evangelist church with handfuls of people praying for my soul. Lá em baixo, lá em baixo. Seven roads, seven crosses, seven doors. Waiting, the sky is open. Angels, demons, heroes, villains. We are never one of these alone, we are all of these together. Senti sua falta.

Henryk Górecki – Symphony No.3 Opus 36
Composed 1976
Nonesuch Records 1992
Dawn Upshaw – soprano
London Sinfoneitta
David Zinman – conductor

01. I. Lento – Sostenuto tranquillo ma cantabile – 26:47
02. II. Lento e largo – Tranquillissimo – 09:44
03. III. Lento – Cantabile-semplice – 17:10

One of the most gorgeous pieces of music I’ve ever heard. And this recording of it shot to the top of the classical charts.

Henryk Gorecki – Symphony No.3 (1992) in 320 kbs em pee three

Henryk Gorecki – Symphony No.3 (1992) in FLAC Lossless Audio

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