Dude, stop begging

To the guy who keeps commenting — every day now — on my Manu Dibango post, asking for a particular pressing of Soul Makossa — PLEASE STOP. I do not have the pressing, and I will not publish your comments because, 1) they are getting really annoying, and 2) you are begging instead of just appreciating what is here. If I had this pressing, I probably wouldn’t post it now, just because you are being such a douche.

New Blog! Flabbergasted Folk

I’ve decided my eclectic tastes just can be contained in a single blog, so I’ve started a “splinter blog” named FLABBERGASTED FOLK. The layout needs tweaking and I’ll mess around with it when I have some time. We’re starting it off with a repost of a Bert Jansch record featured here in the early days of this blog – Jack Orion from 1966. Check it out here!

This in no way means that I’ll be putting any less effort into Flabbergasted Vibes. It just makes sense to have two parallel blogs, in my view.

BITRATE MISTAKE, please re-download

Several recent uploads were listed as 320/kbs, the bitrate that I INTENDED to encode at. Somehow, these were ctually somewhere around 160-170 — a horribly and very lossy-sounding bit depth indeed. Conversion was done with dbPoweramp set at 320/kbs Average Bit Rate (ABR), and somehow all files converted at this setting ended up at about half that!

PLEASE for the love of God, redownload these. The following links have been replaced and if you grabbed these shares before the afternoon of August 25, I recommend replacing them with these:

Trio Mocotó (1973)

Jorge Ben – Força Bruta (1970)
Jorge Ben – Jorge Ben (1969)
My apologies for the inconvenience!

TECHNICAL NOTE about playlists

Dear readers.. I refuse to use I-Tunes to play or organize music (until they have native support for FLAC, i.e. never, I will continue to use Foobar2000 or, in a pinch, WinAmp). But since many people do, including my friends who regularly visit this blog, I thought I would mention something technical. Some of you may be experiencing the phenomenon of ending up with 2 copies of every song in your I-Tunes. This is most likely because you are importing the entire folder, and that folder contains an m3u playlist. The way to prevent this is to import ONLY the m3u file — it’s the file that only contains the name of the artist and album. This will result in importing only one copy of each track. The inverse way to do this is to exclude the m3u file and import all the rest, but I think the first option is easier. m3u playlists are probably used more widely with other players besides I-tunes, but I’m afraid I won’t be making any concessions to Itunes users — you’ll just have to deal with it. 😉