Willie Rosario – El Fabuloso y Fantastico (1964)

“El Fabuloso y Fantastico”
Willie Rosario e Su Orchestra
Released 1964 (Alegre Records??)
This reissue 1998 on Neliz Records

1. Wobbly Blues
2. Los generales de la capital
3. Quedate en tu tierra
4. A Villa Palmeras
5. Nos engano la vida
6. “Yayi’s” Instant Mambo
7. Yenye
8. Me voy para el bonche
9. Triunfo el amor
10. El charlatan
11. Mayimbe
12. Bailan guaguanco

I know relatively little about this early album from bandleader and timbale tickler Willie Rosario other than it has Bobby Valentin on the trumpet and it’s a fun listen. The opening boogaloo, “Wobbly Blues” is horribly annoying to my ears, sort of like Mongo Santamaria’s “El Pussycat” except that it’s not any good. My personal favorites off this one are the handful of original Rosario compositions sandwiched together on the first half, two of which I’ve included here – “Quedate en tu tierra,” and “A Villa Palmares.” The latter is a bomba, a musical contribution particular to the island of Puerto Rico. The album spans a lot of styles, however – cha cha cha, guajira, guaracha, bolero, and mambo are all given some time on the dancefloor. This CD reissue is actually a vinyl rip, and I can’t restrain myself from saying that I probably could have done a better mastering job on this one, but since this record is pretty damn rare I suppose I will allow myself contentment. It sounds pretty okay good, okay? Good.

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