Fixed Links – João Donato, Tim Maia, Black Ice

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So I’ve fixed a bunch of links on posts where people asked nicely.  I do that sometimes, particularly when people have other feedback and things to say about the blog.  Anonymous people who only leave a comment to say “link broken” and nothing else rarely get listened to any more.  In fact those comments are likely to get an old post moved to the very bottom of the pile, because it irritates the shit out of me.  I’m not your personal genie in a bottle, and last time I checked I’m not making any money off this blog.  The people who actually read the posts are the reason I’ve kept this going for seven years.  So, for y’all, here are some posts where I fixed stuff. 

(note: The Black Ice post actually didn’t have any broken links, but a good friend pointed out that I left out a song from the 16-bit versions of it.  So if you happened to have grabbed those, which are missing Track #8, you should probably purge it from your collection and start over with this version.)

João Donato:

 The New Sound of Brazil
A Bad Donato
Lugar Comum

Tim Maia – Nuvens

Black Ice – Black Ice