João Gilberto – João Gilberto (1973)

This is my favorite João Gilberto record, absolutely and without doubt. Not that I claim to have his entire discography (it is pretty massive), but this record simply cannot be surpassed. I had an old review I had written for this record in 2004 that I was going to post here, but it strikes me as a bit silly now so I’m including some commentary from others below. What I will say is that this record has an intimate ambiance … Continue reading

Eugene McDaniels – Headless Heroes of the Apocalypse (1971) VBR

No time for a personalized review today but this one has been in the cue for a while and its about time I shared it. Heavenly and heavily minor-key dissonant cluster chord funk soul-jazz with bitingly droll lyrics, how can you go wrong? this It’s a lot of fun, you shouldn’t miss this! I would upload my vinyl copy of the follow up, ‘Outlaw’ but I have no time for a vinyl rip for the next… few years or so. … Continue reading

Isaac Hayes – The Isaac Hayes Movement (1970) VBR

Get “Hot Buttered Soul” first (below), then check this out. A lot of folks are going to remember Isaac Hayes for the themes song and soundtrack album to blaxploitation flick “Shaft.” A whole other generation will remember him more as the adorable Chef from South Park. He deserves to be remembered for both of those accomplishments, but he was also a lot more to a lot of people. His music has pulled me through some tough times, the warmth of … Continue reading

Isaac Hayes RIP !! Hot Buttered Soul (1969) VBR

Isaac Lee Hayes, Jr. (August 20, 1942 – August 10, 2008) Rest in peace, brother Isaac…. There will be more Isaac to come. This is my favorite record of his. I have an MFSL version hanging around somewhere too that I may share as well, but this original pressing will do fine. I’m too devastated to say anything else right now. His music meant a lot to me, to a whole lot of people. He will be dearly missed. Isaac … Continue reading

John Fahey – The Voice of the Turtle (1968) VBR

JOHN FAHEYVoice of the TurtleReleased 1968,Takoma RecordsIssued on CD 1996 1. Bottleneck Blues 3:03 2. Bill Cheatum 1:52 3. Lewisdale Blues 2:13 4. Bean Vine Blues 2:42 5. Bean Vine Blues 2:48 6. A Raga Called Pat 9:03 7. A Raga Called Pat 4:25 8. Train 1:44 9. Je Ne Me Suis Revellais Matin Pas En May 2:19 10. The Story Of Dorothy Gooch 5:24 11. Nine-Pound Hammer 1:57 12. Lonesome Valley 1:42 Review by Richie Ubermench Like some of … Continue reading