Reposts – Sept 26, 2013

 photo reupssept13_zps77e55dda.png

From top left to bottom right:

 Antonio Adolfo e Brazuca (1970)
João Nogueira (1972)
Paulo Moura – Fibra (1971)
Ray Barretto – Indestructable (1973)
Bobby Hutcherson – Now! (1969) 
Alaíde Costa – Canta Suavamente (1960)

Some reups for all of you while I am busy with other things.  Please report any erroneous links you come across, cheers.

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  1. As a relative latecomer to your blog Flabbergast, I am very pleased to see these re-posts and would welcome any similar posts in the future. Yours is one of those blogs where I feel I must hear everything you post because your taste and knowledge are always impeccable. Thank you!

  2. Com certeza, o Kovina falou tudo! Muito obrigado pelos reposts Flabber, cada um deles é sempre muito bem vindo (e esperado, até).

    Nem sei por onde começo com tanta coisa boa!

  3. Thank you for the Vibes.
    Especially Barretto and Moura.

  4. as usual perfect
    i found flabbergasted vibes
    i found a treasury

    j'adore merci

  5. Not only is your taste impeccable but also your writing is informative and highly entertaining. I've immensely enjoyed the latest re-ups, and I look forward to reading and listening whatever is next (old or new)! Thank you very much for being around, Flabber!
    All the best,

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